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Judge and Judgement:

Releasing a past-life with a ‘dark’ spirit attachment

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A Case Study - Judge and Judgement
by David Furlong PhD

This case study deals with a middle-aged woman who had a series of dreams of being a 'wicked' judge in a past-life. The dynamics of this past-life were impacting on her current life and needed to be resolved.

Case Study
The client called Joan contacted me about helping her clear what she believed to have been a ‘past-life’ where she was a wicked ‘Judge’ who had condemned many people to death and was now ‘stuck’. The work was carried out through ‘Skype’ and the phone, as this client lived in a different country and face to face work was not be feasible. I had worked previously with Joan who had demonstrated a good ability to both connect to, and communicate with, her ‘Higher-Self’ (H-S).


It’s about five years since I first started dreaming about a Judge. Initially I thought it might be symbolic of the inner judge (critic) often mentioned in psychology but as time went on and there were more dreams, I realised it was much deeper and was coming from a previous lifetime. I’ve also suffered from endless guilt but could never get to the root of it. Over the years I had cleared lots from that lifetime and each time I thought I was finished he would pop up in another dream. There was a residue I couldn’t clear myself and then I was directed in a dream to seek help from David Furlong whom I’ve been having sessions with for a couple of years.

On the day of the appointment (on Skype) I had an intuitive feeling that I needed to meditate and fill myself with as much light as possible. After the meditation I could clearly see a court Judge dressed in his black robes standing behind my left shoulder. He was there until the Skype session began. I explained to David about the Judge whom I felt had a dark entity attached to him.


At the start of the session, I took Joan through a simple relaxation process, connecting her to her ‘Core-Self’ (C-S) (the part anchored in the body) and to her ‘Higher-Self’ (H-S) (the part anchored in the spiritual world). As soon as this was done, she became aware of the Judge stood behind her as a tall, dark pompous figure, that felt overwhelming.

I then asked Joan to connect with her H-S in a visual form. She sensed the presence of a powerful woman with long flaming red hair that came forward to support her. Calling on the power of this Higher-Self (H-S) woman, we all sent love and light to the Judge, who was taken aback and immediately stepped back from his position behind Joan. I would add here that I see my role as a supporting therapist to use my healing skills to assist in the process that clients are working through. Therefore, I always link with my H-S and will send healing to the appropriate situation, which, in this case, was the Judge. Joan sensed that he became crystallised and hardened but did not move on.


With David’s help and guidance and tons of love, we went through healing the ‘layers’ of the Judge who was all puffed up with self-importance and was very intimidating. He was hardened like concrete and was difficult to deal with. On David’s suggestion of looking deeper within, a boy aged about nine appeared in the lower part of the Judge’s body. The boy was dressed in old ragged clothes, was terrified and claustrophobic. A woman came forth to help the child. There were ropes linking him to the Judge so the child could not go to the light. There was also a rope coiled around the Judge’s torso, and that was removed. There was healing taking place on many levels with David guiding and communicating, and much help and love were coming from the Spirit Guides and Higher Selves.


Although the Judge was a past-life of Joan his H-S could have been slightly different from Joan’s, so I called on the Judge’s H-S for assistance, and in doing so had the impression that we needed to tackle one of the Judge’s sub-personalities. I encouraged Joan to look within the Judge to discern what she found there. Joan became aware of a frightened boy, terrified of claustrophobia, who seemed to be encased in a glass coffin. Again, we all sent love and light to the boy to try to calm him down, which helped. I asked the H-S of the Judge to bring forward someone that the boy knew and could trust to help him. Joan immediately sensed the presence of a woman stepping forward coming from the boy’s left side. This woman did not seem to be the boy’s mother, but the boy related to her and felt more secure in her presence.

We now turned our attention back to the Judge, who was frozen like a statue and asked him to look within himself to see if he could discern his inner-light (a manifestation of his CS). He sensed this being very dim, but both he and the boy were willing to work to clear what was keeping them stuck. We called upon the assistance of Joan’s H-S and sent much light to the Judge requesting for insight into what was keeping him trapped. Joan became aware of a rope coiled around the Judge’s neck that stretched down to the base of his spine. We then called for help from the Judge’s H-S to clear and dissolve the rope. As this was done the Judge became smaller, but there was a sense of very dark energy behind him.


The next layer revealed a dark being standing behind the Judge. It was huge and was deeply embedded in the back of the Judge’s body. David spoke to the entity and due to the seriousness of what we were dealing with I quietly intoned a mantra, revoking all contracts and commitments I had ever made with any being, not of the Light. I have a great love for Archangel Michael, and I invoked his presence. David was doing wonderful work guiding the healing and communicating with the entity, and eventually, it was released and went off to the light.


We called upon the H-S and other powers of light to command the ‘dark’ being to step away from the Judge and to come out into the light. This entity reluctantly agreed, and a separation process started. I asked Joan to communicate with the entity on his role with the Judge, and the entity confirmed that he had been responsible for encouraging the boy to grow to be a Judge as a way of getting back at those who had caused the boy suffering as a child.

Once the entity had sufficiently separated from the Judge, I informed him that he would now have to leave the Judge, and through the Judge any connection with Joan. I informed him that in returning into the shadow land, he would be punished by his dark over lords because he had now failed in the task set for him. I went on to tell him that I was offering him a way out of his predicament and that I could help him move back into the light where he would be helped and that the light was not there to punish him. In communicating back through Joan, he said he was very suspicious of my comments but was clearly very concerned and fearful of going back into the dark. I asked the entity to look within himself and to see if he could discern any light. With a bit of searching, he began to discern this light within himself, and I then invoked the entity’s H-S for assistance.

With some further dialogue and asking the H-S of the entity to cleanse the entity, who now had become a male character, from any dark energy that was affecting him and calling upon extra assistance from a spirit release guide we were able to help this man back into the light and to leave the Judge. I then asked the Judge’s H-S to clear and remove any other dark implements, tools or attachments from the Judge, pertaining to the entity, and to cleanse his energy with light.

Joan and the Judge now needed to go through a forgiveness process. The Judge explained that it was his father’s abuse when he was a child that had caused him to become hardened and determined to get back at society. Joan recognised that the father in that life had been her father in her current life. We then worked on sending forgiveness to the father and then to the people whom the Judge had condemned. At this point, Joan sensed that the Judge was on his knees. I asked them all to send love, light, healing and balance to all the people that the Judge had condemned to help clear any pain or suffering that these individuals might be experiencing. A large group of individuals was sensed, but as the healing continued, they left one by one until the space was clear. I finally asked for all that energy to be cleansed, then cleared, and the space filled with light. Additionally, I called upon Joan’s H-S to close off any doors, openings, portals or windows within the psyche about that lifetime.


By now the Judge was on his knees repenting. A crowd of about 100 people came in for healing – they looked like characters from a movie set in the Middle Ages. Finally, when all the tidying up was done the Judge, and the child went off to the Light and it was then I could feel a part of my energy moving back into my body on the left side.

Working with unconditional love and compassion, layer by layer, these dark shadowy characters were healed and released into the light.


We then spent further time healing the boy and any other ‘parts’ from within the Judge, before asking the H-S to lift them all back into the light. The last part was spent rebalancing Joan’s energy field and helping her integrate the experience.


I felt a huge weight had been lifted from me during the session and later that day I became extremely tired. I was very pleased with how it all went and knew I had made a significant shift in consciousness, thanks to David’s skills, unconditional love and lots of help from the Higher Beings.


The key elements to understand in this case are that stuck past-life ‘parts’ that have reunited with the psyche can have both sub-personalities and ‘dark’ attachments within them. Once identified each of these ‘parts’ need to be tackled in turn. It is always worth checking when working with a past-life or ancestral ‘part’ that they are fully clear from any other spirits, or ‘dark’ entities. Their energy fields need to be cleared, healed and balanced before releasing them back to their H-S and the spiritual realm.


The full article is available in .pdf format. Please click here to access.


About the Author
David Furlong PhD is the Director of the Spirit Release Forum, which he founded in 2011. He grew up in a family that practised spiritual healing and discovered, as a young child, how to access his healing skills. He has been a healer for more than forty-five years.

He is one of the founder tutors of the College of Healing and was the first Chairman of the Natural Health Network. He is the author of six books including The Healer Within, Working with Earth Energies and Healing Your Ancestral Patterns and has run workshops and training courses for more than forty-five years.

In 2002 he became Chairman of Education committee of the Spirit Release Foundation and is involved with developing its educational programmes. When the Foundation closed down he established a new organisation called the Spirit Release Forum, which he runs as director. His latest book entitled Illuminating the Shadow: Transmuting the Dark Side of the Psyche, was published in early 2016


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