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Background - Liberating the Psyche, Healing the Soul
Who Are We?
What does the symbol mean?
Aims and Objectives
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Spirit Release - Liberating the Psyche, Healing the Soul

This site is dedicated to exploring into and helping correct the health issues that stem from imbalances between the core Self or psyche (spirit/soul consciousness) and the mind and body. These issues cover a spectrum of psychological illnesses from dissociative disorders to depression and anxiety states; indeed most conditions could be perceived as involving some disparity between these twin aspects of our being - the spirit/soul and the body.

Spirit Release
The term ‘spirit release’ has two distinct meanings. The first and more widely recognised relates to the idea that ‘earthbound’ spirits can sometimes attach themselves to individuals, to influence and, on occasions, take partial possession of the mind and body. It is the task of the Spirit Release therapist to work with the belief states of their client to facilitate the removal of these unwanted mental intrusions.

Releasing the Spirit
The second meaning correlates with the transcendent expansion of consciousness that occurs when a profound relationship is made with the spirit/soul or core life essence within. Experience has shown that it is often blockages with this connection that may lead to the psychological problems that gives rise to the first of these meanings. Indeed the imbalance between the spirit/soul and the mind/body is perceived by many to be the cause of a wide range of psychological, emotional and physical problems.

The Spirit Release Forum is committed to exploring those methods that can best be used to integrate, in a balanced way, this subtle aspect of the Self within the mind/body spectrum and further to research and develop the appropriate therapeutic methods that can be adopted to clear any blockages or imbalances that have occurred during the soul's journey.

Who are we?
The Spirit Release Forum was founded in June 2011 by David Furlong as part of SRF (Universal) Ltd. The Forum has brought together a dynamic team of therapists and doctors who are dedicated to helping support individuals suffering from imbalances between spirit/soul and the mind/body.
In addition to David the team includes amongst others, Adrian Doyle, Frida Siton, Dr Mark Sterry-Blunt, Jane and Amanda Nelson, Pat Bromley, Vicky Sweetlove, Semele Xerri and Dr Grant Pearson.

Membership of the team is open to all who make a positive contribution to our endeavours, either through article submissions, website development, promotional activities, secretarial help and so on. If you feel inspired to help please let us know. See Membership for further details.

What does the symbol mean?

Our symbol combines a number of elements. The 'S' on the central column represents the snake and staff of the Ancient Greek Aesculapius, who was the god of medicine and healing. The letter 'S' also stands for both Spirit and Soul, the two aspects of the Self that need to be integrated and grounded within the body. The upper blue quadrant is the realm of spirit, whilst the lower red the sub-conscious mind and the body, with the snake linking these two parts together. The green side quadrants represent the world in which we live. The central dot and radiant yellow reflects the 'soul consciousness' that ideally radiates out to embrace and enthuse all aspects of the self. The division of the circle into four segments by the symbol of the 'X' represents the four worlds of spirit, mind, emotions and body and the four elements of fire, air, water and earth.

Aims and Objectives
The aims and objects of SRF (Universal) Ltd are:

  • Have a membership of individuals who support the aims and objects of the company
  • Run training programmes in spirit release and allied subjects for therapists, practitioners and lay members
  • Run conferences and other such events to inform the public
  • Support practitioners and therapists working in these fields, particularly in relation to spirit release and soul integration disciplines
  • Provide information on self-empowerment and self-help techniques
  • Publish from time to time information on research into these fields
  • Establish a bursary fund to help individuals, particularly those suffering from spirit invasion problems with treatments, information and training
  • Sell books, CD’s, DVD’s and other items that support the aims and objectives of the company.

The Company Vision


Spirit Release - What's it all about?

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