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Spirit Release - Help

Are you in a state of Crisis?

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"Problems do not go away. They must be worked through or else they remain, forever a barrier to the growth and development of the spirit."
M. Scott Peck

"You and I do not see things as they are. We see things as we are."
Henry Ward Beecher

Do you need to speak to someone about you condition?

Do you need to know how to proceed to get help?

These are all important questions when confronted by challenging psychic situations where you feel under attack or invasion from unwanted 'negative' influences. It is often hard to know which way to turn or to whom to turn.

The Forum offers a number of different levels of help. Although these conditions are often not understood we would always encourage the first approach to be made to your medical doctor. Depending upon the outcome we can offer the following:

  1. A short phone conversation (10 minutes max) with a qualified spirit release therapist to give brief assessment for the steps that you can take towards recovery. This service is free.

  2. A longer phone or Skype conversation with a spirit release therapist, which is organised via the Forum and based on 20 minute blocks. The cost of this service is £15 per 20 minute block.

  3. A phone or Skype session with a medical doctor who also has an understanding of spirit release issues and can provide an overview that embraces both the conventional as well as complementary holistic modalities. The cost of this service is £40 per 20 minute block.

  4. Consult one of the therapists listed in our Practitioner's section.

  5. View our Self-Help section as there can be different exercises or practical steps that you can take towards your own recovery. Remember the most powerful tool you have at your disposal is YOU.

Phone Service
Phone calls can be taken between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday. Because of limited availability at this time we cannot guarantee that the phone will be answered on all occasions, nor are we able to make return phone calls. We would encourage you to send an email in the first instance to Email: .

The phone number for enquiries and help is:

01684 - 569105 or 07779789047

Consult a Therapist
Speaking with a therapist can help by giving insight into a specific problem and providing options on what steps might be taken towards recovery. Such a consultation is for guidance only and will not constitute treatment. Nevertheless having a trained individual who will listen to you problem and provide some insight can be of great benefit.
To speak with a therapist please click here.

Consult a Doctor
A consultation with a medically qualified doctor, who sees & understands illness from a holistic perceptive and has a broad range of knowledge and experience in the medical, complementary, holistic and healing worlds, can provide invaluable perspective and insight. This can offer clients the best approach to dealing with a particular healthcare issue or condition, helping them construct an appropriate plan and strategy to take the necessary steps needed for their recovery. This also allows for the client’s facilitation between the various orthodox medical, complementary & holistic therapeutic modalities and environments, through acting as their advocate, coach, and where appropriate their case manager, on their path back to health.

Two Services Offered

  1. Consultation
  2. Facilitation, coaching and ongoin support

Dr Grant Pearson
is a medically qualified doctor who has 20 year’s experience working within the medical and complementary healthcare fields in which he is able to incorporate an integrative and holistic understanding and approach with an orthodox doctor's knowledge and experience. He has experience of helping individuals with spiritual challenges and issues, through his experience and understanding of the different methods and approaches to treatment. It is this experience that allows him to give a broad overview of the different types of approaches to various health issues and challenges that may benefit from a combined approached, using the most appropriate conventional medical, complementary and holistic healthcare approaches. He practices a number of complementary, and leading edge therapies including, nutrition, functional medicine, acupuncture, NLP, Hypnosis, a number of applied Mind-Body approaches, Bio-feedback, energy healing and health coaching.

If you would like to speak with Dr Grant Pearson about your condition or would like him to support you, or help you find your way through the orthodox medical and holistic worlds a telephone or Skype appointment can be made at a mutually convenient time.
To speak with Grant please click here.

Skype - a Modern Way to Communicate
Skype is way of people from all around the world communicating directly through the internet. It offers a number of advantages over phone contact the first being that the service is free. The second is that it is possible to see each other in real time through through visual communication if so desired.

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Spirit Release - What's it all about?

I Need Help

I need help

To speak with a therapist to sort through specific issues or problems before having a full consultation.
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Training Class

For training programmes as a Spirit Release Therapist, CPDs, supervision and other ancillary workshops and courses
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