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Who am I
This section of the site explores the issues that relate to understanding who and what we are. This is perhaps a tall order as the quest "To know Thyself" has been part of human seeking for many a long age and certainly formed part of some of the earliest known texts from Sumeria and Ancient Egypt.

Since those early times science has made huge strides in providing knowledge of the physical world and has laid a foundation for deeper enquiry into the nature of consciousness and the link between mind and body. Science nevertheless is collectively stuck in that it does not as yet have a mechanism for explaining concepts such as 'soul' and 'spirit' or even more mundane experiences such as how telepathy works.

This has left the door open to other researchers, not so bound by the scientific paradigm, who have explored the nature of the psyche through deep hypnosis or regression techniques. This has been backed through studies such as the "near death experience" or NDE. All of this research has created a picture of the journey of the soul and the link between the "Core Self" and the mind and body. This is an ongoing developing picture that we will update as necessary through the articles presented in this section.

Psychological Disorders
We also explore here subjects such as why spirits become 'earthbound' and the psychological issues that derive from imbalances between the different facets of the psyche. Many conditions that are classified as 'Dissociative Disorders' and 'Trance States' fall into this category but it could also be extended to include a whole range of conditions from depression through to phobias.

Spirit Release
Attention is additional given to those cases where the client perceives that some form of psychic invasion has taken place and the concepts surrounding spirit attachments and invasions.

Throughout these pages certain terms are used with some frequency. In order to be clear about the meanings some definitions are given here.

A symbolic represen-tation of the link between the spirit, soul and body.
Soul – Our Soul is the life essence that provides consciousness and vitality to the physical body. It is a separate and distinct entity that continues to exist after the death of the physical body until such times as it is re-united with our Spirit. Our Soul is linked into our somatic self through the sub-conscious mind and through other nerve plexus centres of the body. For various good reasons a block is created within our mind so that most people are not aware of the Soul conscious part of themselves. We, in effect, generally forget who we are and where we have come from. One of the first stages of the initiatory journey is to re-unite with this aspect of our consciousness. The Soul is an aspect of the Spirit and might also be defined as the part of the Spirit that is linked into the physical body. It is the Soul part that sometimes gets trapped or ‘earthbound’.

Spirit – Our spirit holds the sum total of all that we are both from numerous lifetimes as well as the experiences we have enjoyed in the spirit realms. The Spirit is eternal and is not dependent upon the physical body for its existence. At a certain stage the Spirit no longer needs to return to the physical world but continues to exist on the spirit planes. When we incarnate our Spirit is sometimes referred to as the ‘Higher Self’ as a way of distinguishing it from our Soul.

Psyche – The word psyche is derived from a Greek word meaning ‘breath’ and is equated throughout these pages with our Soul.

Core Self – Is another way of describing our Soul.

Glossary of Terms
A full Glossary of Terms can be found by clicking the following link: Glossary of Terms.

Background Articles
The following articles are the process of development and will be added to and updated on a regular basis.

The Soul Journey

Soul/Body Link

Health Issues

Death & Transition

Copper Beech Tree
Stone head
Sunset - Egypt
The articles here explore the recent developments in understanding the journey of the soul through various incarnations as well as information about its sojourn in between lives in the spirit realms.
The Soul's Journey
In order to experience the Soul needs to be energetically linked into the body. The articles here look at various models that explains how this might occur, providing a further insight into the Soul/mind/body link.
The Soul/Body Link
Soul Fragments and Retrieval
Imbalances between the Soul and the mind/body can lead to a large range of health issues including mental and psychological problems. Mental imbalances include 'Dissociative Disorders' and 'Trance States'.
Causes for Attachments
Electromagnetic Pollution
One of the most challenging experiences that we will all have to face is the death of the physical body. The Near Death Experience or NDE tells us what should happen and provides insights into why spirits get trapped.
Death and Transition
Near Death Exp.(NDE)

Trapped Souls

Psychic Issues

Spirit Attachments

Spirit Release

Graveyard - Scotland
There appear to be many reasons why Souls fail to make a full transition and become trapped or 'earthbound' and still able to influence the physical planes. We explore here some of the issues involved.
Earthbound Souls
Sensitive people can be aware of a whole range of 'subtle' energies that can cause them considerable distress. The articles here explore these various states and the way that negative energies can be deliberately created.
Geopathic Stress
Individuals suffering invasions or spirit attachments claim a wide variety of different types of attaching entities, in addition to normal human Souls. We look here at some of the claims that have been made.
Spirit Attachments
Shadow Entities
We explore the processes that can be adopted to help release trapped or 'earthbound' spirits. The articles here also considers the differences between spirits that attach to people and those that are stuck in places.
Spirit Release
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A 1 hour talk by David Furlong on "Attachments, Possessions and Soul fragments: New Paradigms in Spirit Release" taken from the Spirit Release Foundation conference 2006. This talk is located on Google videos. Please click the icon above to access.

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