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Spirit Release - Self Help

This section of the site is still in the development stage. It will contain a series of articles, exercises, and meditations aimed at providing a range of self-help options that can aid those suffering with psychic invasion, attachments and a wide range dissociative disorders.

On a broader front there are also many emotional and psychological issues, such as depressions, phobias and compulsive disorders,which may be helped by following some of the ideas listed here.

On a more positive note this section also offers ideas that can help individuals connect to their "Soul Consciousness" or Core Self, with the objective of being able to aid one operate more fully and consciously in the world.

In order to access these pages you will need to log in your details and tick our disclaimer box. The ideas and concepts listed here have been found through experience to be helpful to some people but cannot be guaranteed.

Self Help - Visualisation and Meditation
This section includes a series of visualisation and meditation exercises showing you how to connect to your Core Self or Soul Consciousness and from their to access your 'Higher Wisdom'. It also includes information on clearing and cleansing techniques as well as affirmations and prayers for the realease of spirit attachments.

Self Help - Flower Essences
There are a range of flower essences including the Bach and Australian Flower Essence range that can help with confronting fear, clearing links, grounding and cleansing negative energies. Homeopath Pat Bromley outlines the essences that may be helpful.
Australian Flower Esences
Bach Flower Esences

Self Help - Homeopathy
The vast range of homeopathic remedies some of which deal specifically with mental emotional and psychological conditions. Homeopath Pat Bromley explores the remedies that could be helpful for therapists and individuals who may wish to utilise these remedies in their treatments.
Homeopathic Remedies.

Self Help - Crystals
The use of crystals is of ancient origin. Crystal Therapist and author Judy hall describes their use for helping with psychic issues including, past lives, spirit release and attachments.
The Therapeutic use of Crystals

Self Help - EFT
In recent times EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique has been shown to be an effective tool for dealing with emotionally based issues. Specific points and mantras are shown here.
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Self Help - Diet and Nutrition
The foods we eat and the balance of our nutrition contribute to the balance of our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Correct nutrition can play a significant part in changing our psychological conditions.
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Self- Help - Music
Since ancient times, as evidenced in the bible story of David playing to King Saul, music has been used to heal and balance the psyche. This section looks at some specific types of music that might be helpful for finding inner balance and peace.
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Self Help - Emotional and Physical Exercises
At the heart of many problems lie two powerful emotions - shame and fear. These twin emotions are endlessly played out through myths and stories, such as the heroic journeys of confronting fear, as in St George and the dragon, or the overcoming of shame and disgust as in Beauty and the Beast or the Frog Prince. There are a number of simple emotional and physical grounding exercises that can be applied to confront these issues.
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