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Spirit Release - Practitioners Training Course Part 2

Spirit Release and the Healing of Ego State (Sub-Personality) Trauma

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Online Practitioner Training Course PT2

The Practitioner Training Course 2 leads students towards a Diploma in Spirit Release. The course is designed to help students acquire a deeper knowledge of spirit release techniques and to ground the concepts with practical experience.

The training is divided into two modules. The course will be experientially based with plenty of exercises for evaluating and working with different techniques to release attachments, entities and sub-personalities or ‘ego-states’.

PT 2 Module A : Day 1

The first day of the training will entail a catch up on the work carried out by students since the PT1 course. We will look at any specific issues that have arisen within different therapeutic situations and provide an opportunity to share successful or problematic case studies. This session will provide an opportunity to reflect in-depth on specific issues. We will also spend the last session experientially exploring methods to elicit support from other healing agencies that include guides, beings of light, elementals, trees, and nature spirits.

PT 2 Module A : Day 2

One of the essential elements of a spirit release practitioner is dealing with ‘earthbound’ spirits that have become trapped in specific locations. These places can be specific, such as a murder site, but also include battlefields, houses and Victorian and modern-day cemeteries. Occasionally, with sites where satanic rituals have been performed, dark or demonic entities can be involved. We will look at the different methods for dealing with this range of spirits, especially when confronting malign entities. Additionally, we will explore different protection methods. As part of this day’s session, we will experientially work on a specific case location.

PT 2 Module B : Day 1

On this day, we will focus on complex and deep-seated cases and the methodology and skills required for long term therapeutic practice. We will also consider different methods for dealing with demonic intrusion where malign entities will often try to interfere with or subvert the healing process. Additionally, we will explore different methods for releasing entities in those clients who cannot readily enter into a trance or an altered state of consciousness within a normal therapeutic process. Finally, we will work collectively on some specific cases.

PT 2 Module B : Day 2

In the first session of the last day, we will look at how to access the healing power from special spiritual energy centres, like Mount Shasta, Ayres Rock, Glastonbury Tor, and so on. Such supporting power can be enormously helpful when releasing many spirits caught up in a group trauma such as a battlefield site. In the second session, we will collectively work on a specific case scenario relevant to the first session. Finally, in the last session, we will look at the steps required for completing the Diploma qualification and the themes that can be covered in the thesis.


In addition to these two modules students will be expected to complete a 2500 - 5000 word thesis on some theme associated with spirit release. The topic chosen to be agreed prior to its implementation.

There is no time limit or order on when these modules should be taken. The modules will also be open to past students as refreshers for their training and to update training material.

On successful submission and acceptance of the thesis students will be awarded a Diploma in Spirit Release.

Course Dates: 2023/24
Modules A: 27 - 28 October 2023 and
Module B: 5 - 6 January 2024

Course times:
Each part of the course will be run over two days (Friday and Saturday). There will be 3 one and half hour online sessions each day, which will include experiential sessions. The sessions will be recorded and available for download by the course participants. These timings allow for participation by those living in the Americas.

Session 1 - 12:30 to 14:00 (all times GMT or BST)
Session 2 - 14:20 to 15:50
Session 3 - 16:20 to 17:50

Dr David Furlong PhD & Pat Bromley

The full fee for the two modules, including thesis is £560.

The course is non-residential. The fee includes refreshments (not lunch), course training manuals for each part and slide notes.

Booking and enquiries
To book on this course please download and fill in the booking form and return this along with your deposit or full fee to:
The Secretary, Spirit Release Forum, Myrtles, Como Road, Malvern, Worcs WR14 2TH
Tel: +44(0) 1684 569105 or

Terms and conditions
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The course is open to members of the Spirit Release Forum. The fee payment can be made either as one single payment for the whole course of £560 or divided into two equal payments of £280 each. In this case the first payment needs to be a made a minimum of 30 days before the start of Module A, the second payment before Module B.

Payment can be made using online banking, through the following details: account owner: SRF (Universal) Ltd.
Account number: 73486818. Sort Code: 20-98-61.
Please add your name and specific course details as a reference.

Alternatively payments can be made online using PayPal, which allows you to pay by credit card.

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Full Course Fee

If you wish to pay by cheque make payable to SRF(Universal)Ltd and mail to the above address.

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