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Homeopathic Remedies by Pat Bromley

Who might find this section useful

Therapists, practitioners, carers: - Those practising as a therapist, such as psychotherapist or healer treating clients that display symptoms that might be described as dissociative disorders or spirit attachment problems may find some of the remedies listed below being useful as an adjunct to their work.

Individuals: If you are suffering some of the problems listed below then you may find some of these remedies helpful.

Homeopathy can be helpful in some cases where a person has issues with attachments or spirit involvement. Ideally it is best to see a homeopath, who, will look at your personal history as well as your current symptoms and will prescribe a remedy based on the totality of that information.

The proper constitutional remedy will enhance and maintain your general health and increase your vitality, thereby decreasing your susceptibility to dis-ease.

Picture of homeopathic remedies

Below is short note on specific symptoms found in some of the more commonly indicated remedies. These should be read in context as every remedy has many more symptoms, that are not included here; and a much wider sphere of action than is indicated here. Not all symptoms need to be present for the remedy to be indicated. If, when reading this, a symptom appears to fit, then it is suggested that a more detailed material medica or a qualified homeopath is consulted to check that the fuller picture also fits.

If you are new to homeopathy start with a medium potency of say 30c

Alumina (alum)
General consciousness of reality and judgement are disturbed. There is confusion about personal identity. When he sees or says something he has a feeling as though another person had said or seen it or as though he was placed in another person and could only see them. Memory is bad, with mistakes in speaking and writing. Ill effects of disappointments, sad, apprehensive and fears of going crazy.

Often groaning, moaning, worrying and grumbling. Things seem unreal and time appears to pass slowly. May have illusions of being larger, numb, smooth or heavy. Sensation as if he would fall forwards, which he greatly fears.

Symptoms Better: evening, open air, damp weather, moderate temperature.

Symptoms Worse: warmth of room, potatoes, artificial food, starch, salt.

Anacardium Oriental (anac)
Picture of autumn leavesMany mental aberrations, with clairaudient, hearing voices of people far away or dead. Thinks they are possessed of two people or have two wills. Propensity to curse, swear and blaspheme in people who don’t usually talk so. Contradictory impulses. Can be malicious, wicked and cruel. Various fixed ideas; that mind and body are separated; that she is double, that a demon tells her thing; that the face in the mirror is not her own. Absent minded, bad memory, forgets names of those around her. Lack of confidence; anxiety when walking as if being pursued. Hallucinations, thinks her family is not hers. Multiple personalities, insanity, hysteria.

Symptoms Better: eating, heat, hot bath, lying on side.

Symptoms Worse: mental exertion, emotions, anger, fright, care, open air, cold strong smells.

Argentum Nitricum (arg-n)
Symptoms of uncoordination, loss of control and want of balance, mentally and physically with trembling. Nervous, impulsive and hurried, yet timid and anxious. Anticipation, apprehension and fear before events. Fear of impending evil, of crowds, of passing a certain point, of the dark. Tormented by strange ideas and emotions. Errors of perception, time seems too short or to pass too slowly. Irrational, does strange things and comes to strange conclusions.

Symptoms Better: cold, cool air, open air, hard pressure, motion.

Symptoms Worse: emotions, anxiety, fright, apprehension, fear, mental strain, warmth, cold food.

Arsenicum (ars)
Picture of ArsenicumFastidious, upset over disorder; oversensitive and fault finding. Fear of death and disease, yet tired of living; with despair of recovery. Fear of starvation, financial loss and being alone. Great restlessness and anguish. Imagines the house is full of thieves and hides from them. Sees ghosts and dead people day and night.

Symptoms Better: heat, company, warmth, walking about, motion, open air.

Symptoms Worse: wet, cold, damp, cold food/drink, grief, fright, financial loss, midnight.

Aurum Metallicum (aur)
Acute mental depression, with melancholy, hopelessness, profound depression with a tendency to suicide and longing for death. A sense of worthlessness and self condemnation and profound despondency. Hysteria, laughs and cries alternately. Talks of suicide but great fear of death. Self destructive in actions. Complaints after grief, fright, anger, disappointed love, financial loss, contradiction, reserved displeasure, prolonged anxiety, unusual responsibility, loss of property.

Symptoms Better: cool open air, warmth, music, walking, moonlight.

Symptoms Worse: emotions, mental exertion, sunset to sunrise, alcohol, mercury, cold cloudy weather, winter.

Belladonna (bell)
Picture of BelladonnaActing on the nerve centres Belladonna produces active congestion, excitement, twitching, convulsions and pain. Its actions are sudden and violent. In the mind there is delirium, with frightful images of monsters and hideous faces. A desire to escape, with fury and rage, biting, striking and tearing things. Fear of imaginary things, quarrelsome, may dance or sing or lose consciousness.

Symptoms Better: light covering, bending backwards, semi-erect, bed rest, standing.

Symptoms Worse: heat of sun, drafts on head, washing head, light, noise, jarring, checked sweat, touch, company, pressure, motion, looking at water or shiny objects, afternoon, night.

Calcarea Carbonica (calc)
Overwhelmed mental and physical state, worries about duties and responsibilities. Fears of being observed, loss of reason, misery, disaster, insanity and misfortune. Apprehension, depression, apathy, hopeless of ever getting well. Forgetful and confused, they misplace words and express themselves wrongly. Easily frightened or offended.

Symptoms Better: dry weather, sneezing, rubbing, fresh air.

Symptoms Worse: cold air, bathing, change of weather, mental/physical exertion, ascending.

Calc Silicata (calc-sil)
Absent minded, irritable, irresolute and lack of self confidence. Discouraged about their disease, believing it to be incurable. Excitable and easily angered with an inability to concentrate the mind on what they are reading or listening to. They sit in one place, looking into space, not answering when spoken to. Passive delirium, talks and acts like one insane. Talks to people who have been long dead. Mutters foolish things and sees dead people.

Symptoms Better: warmth.

Symptoms Worse: motion, exertion, overheated, cold,wet weather, cold air.

Cannabis Indica (cann-i)
Picture of Cannabis plantCan produce a state of exultation with sublime visions, delusions and hallucinations in great variety. Time seems too long and space unlimited. Fear of becoming insane or losing control. Horror of darkness and apprehensive of approaching death. Inability to fix thoughts on one subject. Absent minded, forgetting what they intend to write or speak, beginning a sentence and unable to finish it. Paranoia, imagines wall closing in on them. Ideas which crowd in with great physical weakness. Double consciousness. May be happy and contented with incoherent talking. Agitation, anxiety and nervousness or uncontrollable laughter. Clairvoyance, loss of identity and imaginations.

Symptoms Better: walking about outdoors, fresh air, cold water, rest.

Symptoms Worse: coffee, liquor, tobacco, mornings.

Cannabis Sativa (cann-s)
Confusion of thought and speech; speech stops or wavers or so forgetful they cannot finish their sentence. Vanishing of thoughts and words. Ideas seem to stand still as they stand and stare in front as if absorbed in higher thoughts. Time seems too long and distances seem immense. Wants light, with fear of going to bed. Loquacity with laughter and weeping or moaning and crying. Clairvoyance, thinks everything is unreal and as if in a dream. Irresolute and uncertain. Voices, including their own, seem to come from a distance; their own voice seems strange.

Symptoms Better: fresh air, cold water, rest.

Symptoms Worse: exertion, talking, walking, lying down, touch, open air, heat, night, coffee, liquor, tobacco.

Ether (ether)
As a well known anesthetic, it produces visions, frequently pleasurable, hallucination and in some instances, a persistent maniacal condition. Dreams of flight through the air, with visions and unearthly music. Frightful dreams, fancied he heard the ringing of his own funeral bell.

Exhilaration and excitement with flushed face.

Hyoscyamus Niger (hyos)
Hyoscymus profoundly disturbs the mind, brain and nervous system, with a force seemingly taking possession of the brain preventing its normal function. There is a kind of mania, a quarrelsome nature with acts which may seem obscene or immodest. Inclined to laugh at everything; does foolish things; behaves as if mad; low muttering delirium. Suspicious, restless, with great rage and a desire to hit, bite, fight, scold and kill. Talks with imaginary people and dead people. Sensation as if walking on or through air.

Emotionally: ill effects of grief, jealousy, fright, unhappy love.
Fears of being alone, being pursued, water, being poisoned, being bitten.
Weakness with muscular twitches, jerks, cramps, trembling and convulsions.

Symptoms Better: when stooping.

Symptoms Worse: at night, during menses, after eating,when lying down.

Ignatia (ign)
Picture of Ignatia plantSuppressed or deep grief with long drawn out sighs, much sobbing, cannot sleep, entirely absorbed in grief. Ignatia affects the mind and emotions causing erratic and contradictory mental and emotional effects with moods changing rapidly. Enjoys being sad. Oversensitive and nervous, worse from consolation. Internal conflicts with themselves.

Symptoms Better: while eating, change of position, deep breathing, pressure.

Symptoms Worse: emotions, chagrin, worry, fright, shock, grief, open air, cold, touch, walking.

Kali Bromatum (kali-br)
Affects the mind and nerves with failure of mental powers and numbness. Loss of memory, forgets how to talk, has to told the word before they can speak it. Remorse, wrings hands and bursts into tears. Imagines they are singled out as an object of divine wrath. Paranoid delusion, thinks they are pursued, will be poisoned, will commit a crime, will murder their family. Suspicious, looks about and fears people yet cannot remain alone in the dark. Delusions of conspiracies against them. Indifference and disgust for life, with suicidal mania with trembling.

Symptoms Better: when busy mentally and physically.

Symptoms Worse: emotions, anger, fright, worry, grief, summer, new moon, night.

Lachesis (lach)
Picture of snakeNervous, excitable with great loquacity, jumping from one subject to another. Delusions where they think they are under superhuman control; think they are dead and preparations are being made for their funeral; think they are pursued, hated and despised. Tendency to insane jealousy and suspicion. Derangement of time sense.

Symptoms Better: open air, discharges, cold drinks, warm applications, pressure.

Symptoms Worse: from sleep, after sleep, liquids, retarded discharges, alcohol, hot drinks, motion, empty swallowing, slight touch or pressure of clothes on neck or waist.

Medorrhinum (med)
Sad, tearful and fearful. Unable to concentrate, weak memory, loses the thread of the conversation, forgets names and words. Cannot speak without weeping, tells it over and over again. Times seems to pass too slowly. Everything seems unreal and things seem strange. Fears of going insane. Fear in the dark and feels someone is behind her. Apprehensive, anticipates events. Hurried and anxious with a wild feeling. May be impulsive, abrupt, rude, mean and cruel to others. Persistent ideas, alternating or erratic states. Dread of saying the wrong thing.

Symptoms Better: seashore, lying on stomach, fresh air, hard rubbing.

Symptoms Worse: damp, cold, touch, daytime, 3-4am.

Natrum Muriaticum (nat-m)
Covers the effects of grief, disappointed love, fright and anger. Depressed and introverted they dwell on past unpleasant memories, holding grudges and resentment for past offences. Anxious and fearful they believe they are being pities for their misfortunes. Laughter and tears with scattered thoughts. Forgetful. Fear of being hurt emotionally.

Symptoms Better: open air, sea air, bathing, sweating, rest, deep breathing.

Symptoms Worse: 9-11am, heat of sun, damp, mental exertion, emotions, sympathy, touch, full moon.

Nux Moschata (nux-m)
Picture of Nutmeg plantChangeable moods, laughing and crying. Confused mind and impaired memory. Clairvoyant states, dreamy and bewildered, as if in a dream. Objects seem changed or grow larger. Thoughts suddenly vanish, while talking, reading or writing. Talks to themselves. Sense of duality, thinks they have two heads or is two people. Entire loss of memory of their past life. Mania with odd speeches and gestures .

Symptoms Better: moist heat, warm room, dry weather.

Symptoms Worse: cold bath, damp, wind, fog, drafts, cold, hot weather.

Opium (op)
Picture of opium PoppiesDreamy, sluggish and dull with indifference to pain or pleasure.
May think they are not at home, with many fears and fancies. Sees visions of animals and insects. Imagines parts of their body are larger than normal. Delirious talking with eyes wide open. Vivid imaginations with talkativeness.

Symptoms Better: cold, uncovering, walking.

Symptoms Worse: anxiety, fear, emotions, alcohol, stimulants, heat, suppressed discharges.

Picture of phosphorusAnxious, fears being alone at twilight, of ghosts, the future and thunderstorms. Generally excitable and impressionable mixed with melancholy and disinclination to do anything. Clairvoyant and generally too oversensitive to all external impressions. Restless and fidgety with loss of memory.

Symptoms Better: dark, cool, open air, sleep, eating, massage, rubbing, sitting.

Symptoms Worse: thunderstorms, cold, windy, emotions, loss of fluids.

Platina (platina)
They are arrogant and haughty with ideas of self-exaltation. May be unkind, abrupt and quarrelsome with an irresistible impulse to kill. Disordered sense of proportion where objects seem smaller or strange. Changeable moods with weeping and laughing alternately. A feeling of not belonging to their own family, everything seems changed, sense of being alone and deserted. Sits in a corner, brooding and saying nothing. Alternation of mental and physical symptoms.

Symptoms Better: open air, sunshine, stretching, motion.

Symptoms Worse: emotions, touch, pressure, sex, nerve exhaustion, sitting, standing, warm room, night.

Plumbum (plb)
Picture of lead oreMental depression, with timidity, restlessness and anxiety. Weakness or loss of memory with increasing slowness and apathy. Fear of poisoning, thinks everyone about them is a murderer. Feigns sickness or exaggerates their condition.

Symptoms Better: hard pressure, rubbing, rest, stretching, night, motion, mental exertion.

Symptoms Worse: open air, damp, fog.

Pulsatilla (puls)
Picture of Pasque Flower plantMild, timid, emotional and tearful with easy weeping and a craving for sympathy. Fear of abandonment with history of abandonment and grief. Fear of being alone, the dark and ghosts. Irritable, touchy and oversensitive.

Symptoms Better: cool, fresh, open air, massage, rubbing, gentle motion, cold food and drink.

Symptoms Worse: warmth of air, stuffy rooms, evening and night.

Stramonium (stram)
Hallucinations, fixed ideas, delirium and terrors. They cannot bear solitude or darkness; must have light and company. Dread of darkness and a horror of shining objects. Fearful hallucinations which terrify them, sees ghosts, phantoms and animals. Sees ghosts, hears voices and talks with spirits. They have rapid changes from joy to sadness. Delusions about his identity; thinking themselves tall, double or a part missing.

Symptoms Better: bright light, company, warmth.

Symptoms Worse: shining objects, mirrors, surface of water, fright, suppressions, touch, dark room.

Tarentula Hispanica (tarent)
Picture of Tarentula spiderSudden alternation of moods with destructive impulses. Fits of laughter, then screaming; sudden changes of moods. Lack of control with erratic, impulsive behaviour. Laughs, runs, makes gestures and cries. Cunning and crafty with no hysteria when there are observers.

Symptoms Better: open air, music, bright colours, pressure, rubbing, relaxation.

Symptoms Worse: rest, touch, cold, damp, night, motion, contact, washing hands and head.

Thuja Occidentalis (thuj)
Picture of Thuja plantHurried, talks hastily and swallows words. Fixed ideas, as if a strange person were beside them; as if soul and body were separated; as if something was alive in their abdomen. Emotional sensitivity with music causing weeping and trembling. Dullness of mind with inability to concentrate and slow speech. Irritable, jealous and quarrelsome towards family but controls self with strangers.

Symptoms Better: on left side, warmth, free secretions, motion, sneezing, pressure, rubbing.

Symptoms Worse: cold, dampness, 3am and 3pm, fat, touch, tea, coffee, onions.

Valerian Officinalis (valer)
Hysterical spasms; mental disturbances from one extreme of emotions to another. Changeable moods and emotions. Feels light as if floating on air. Impatient, changes quickly from one subject to another. Thinks they are someone else or as if all around was strange and disagreeable, Sees images of animals and people. Dread of being alone and the dark.

Symptoms Better: changing position, walking about, after sleep, eating.

Symptoms Worse: fasting, darkness, stooping, standing, noon, before midnight, open air, drafts.

Veratrum Album (verat)
Picture of White Hellebore plantMelancholy, sits in brooding silence and wants to be alone. Sullen indifference or shrieks in a frenzy of excitement. Aimless wandering with delusions of impending misfortune. Mania with desire to cut or tear things. Cursing, insanity, loquacity and despair. Imagines they are pregnant or malingering.

Symptoms Better: warmth, covering, walking about, hot drinks, lying, milk.

Symptoms Worse: night, touch, pressure, injured pride.

Repertory Listings

The list below is an extract from Homeopathic Repertory ‘Delusions’ section which may be useful in finding a symptom, which fits the person’s particular mental state. The following list relates solely to those remedies listed above. Please note that the full 'Materia Medica' listing has additional remedies. Those remedies in bold type are recognised as beiong more effective.

AIR, that he is hovering in, like a spirit - calc., cann-i., hyper., lach., op., valer.

BEWITCHED, thinks he is - cann-i.

BODY, brittle is - thuja .

        delicate - thuja.

        disintegrating – ars., lach.

        divided – cann-i. 

        lighter than air – lach., op., thuja.,

CALLS, him, someone – cann-i.

CALLS, to someone – anac., bell.,cann-i., plb., thuja.

CARESSED, on head by someone – med.

CATCHES at, imaginary appearance – hyos.

CHANGED, thinks everything – arg-n., nux-m., plat.

CHARMED and cannot break the spell – lach

CHOKED, by icy cold hands – cann-i., canth., phos., plat.

CONFUSION, imagines others will observe her – calc.

CONSCIOUSNESS, belongs to another – alum

CORNER, sees animals/figures, coming out of – phos., stram.

CRIME, as if had committed a – alum., anac., ars., ign., kali-br., lach., med.

CURSING, with – anac., verat.

DEAD, persons, sees – alum., anac., arg-n., ars., bell., calc., calc-sil., hyos., kali-br., lach., nat-m., nux-v., op., phos., plat., plb., stram., thuja.

DESERTED, forsaken, being – arg-n, aur., cann-i., hyos., kali-br.

DEVIL, possessed of a, is – anac., hyos., plat., stram .

DEVILS, sees – anac., ars., bell., cann-i., hyos., lach., op., plat., phos., puls., stram.

DIRTY, that he is – thuja.

DISGRACED, that she is - plat., staph.

DOOMED, being – ars., aur., bell., hyos., ign., kali-br. lach., med., nat-m., op., plat., puls., stram., verat .

DOUBLE, of being – alum., arg-n., anac., arg-n., cann-i., cann-s., lach., nat-m., nux-m., op., plat., plb., puls., stram., thuja.

DREAM, as if in a – anac., cann-i., med., nux-m.

ENEMY, everyone around is an – anac., lach., plat.

FACES, sees – arg-n., ars., aur., bell., calc., calc-sil., cann-i., med., op., tarent.

FAIL, everything will – arg-n., aur.

FAILURE, he is a – aur., staph.

FEET, separated from body, are – stram

FIGURES, sees – anac., bell., calc., hyos., nux-m., op., plb., stram., tarent., valer.

FLOATING, in air – bell., cann-i., hyos., kali-br., lach., nat-m., nux-m., op., thuja., valer.

GHOSTS, spectres, spirits, sees – alum., ars., aur., bell., hyos., ign., kali-br., lach., nat-m., op., phos., plat., puls., stram., tarent., thuja.

        closing eyes sees, on – arg-n., bell., ign., lach., nat-m., stram., sulph., thuj .

GOD, that he is in communication with – stram., verat.

HOUSE, is full of people – ars., cann-i., lach., nat-m., stram.

IDENTITY, errors of personal – alum., anac., cann-i., cann-s., hyos., lach., nat-m., phos., plat., plb., stram., thuja., valer., verat .

IMAGES, sees of phantoms – alum., arg-n., ars., bell., calc., hyos., ign., kali-br., lach., med., nat-m., nux-m., op., phos., plat., puls., stram., tarent., thuja., valer., verat.

INFLUENCE, is under a powerful – anac., lach., stram .

INSANE, that she will become – acon., alum., ars., calc., cann-i., cann-s., kali-br., med., nat-m., plat., tarent.

LOOKING, at her, everyone is - ars., calc., hyos.

MIND, and body separated – anac., thuja.

MUSIC, fancies he hears – cann-i., ether., lach., plb., puls., stram., thuja

PERSON, is behind him – anac., bell., calc., lach., med., staph.

PEOPLE, sees – anac., ars., bell., hyos., med., nat-m., op., plb., puls., stram., thuja., valer., verat.

PERSECUTED, that he is –ars., aur., bell., calc., hyos., ign., kali-br.,
lach., med., nat-m., op., plb., puls., stram., verat.

PLACES, of being in different – cann-i., plb.

POSSESSED, as if – anac., bell., hyos., op., plat., stram.,

REASON and sense, must lose - alum., calc., cann-s., kali-br., med., nat-m., plat.

SEPARATED, from the world, that he is – anac., plat., thuj.

SMELL, of – anac., ars., lach., op., puls.

SOUL, fancied body was too small for, or that it was separated from – anac., cann-i., thuj.

STRANGE, everything is – anac., cann-s., med., nux-m., plat., stram., valer.

STRANGE, familiar things seem – arg-n., bell., calc., cann-i., cann-s., hyos., med., nat-m., nux-m., op., phos., plat., puls., staph., stram., thuj., valer., verat.

TALKING, dead, people, as if – bell., calc-sil., hyos., med., nat-m., plat., stram.

UNREAL, everything seems – alum., anac., cann-i., cann-s., med., staph.

VISIONS, has – alum., anac., ars., bell., calc., cann-i., cann-s., hyos., lach., nat-m., nux-m., op., phos., plat., puls., stram., tarent., valer.

VOICES, hears – anac., bell., calc-sil., cann-i., cann-s., hyos., ign., kali-br., lach., med., nat-m., phos., plb., stram., thuj., verat.

WATCHED, that she is being – anac., ars., calc., hyos., lach.

WILL, power, loss of – anac.

        Possessed of two wills – anac., lach.


About the Author
Pat Bromley photo Pat Bromley Pat Bromley MCH, NCHP, has worked with energy healing for 30 years helping people with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. She initially qualified as a homeopath, later adding trainings Flower Essences, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Reiki.
For 20 years she built up a busy practice, multidisciplinary clinic and holistic shop. More recently she has trained as a Spirit Release Therapist working with energies attached to people and places.

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