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Auric or Psychic Protection Exercise by David Furlong

A representation of the auric protection field around the body.
Protection is a natural part of life and all aspects of the living world have methods of protection to ensure their survival. If the white cells in your body did not protect you from invasive bacterial and viral infections you would not be able to survive very long.

At an energetic level your Soul also generates a psychic envelop around the body to ensure that disruptive energies do not disturb the equilibrium of the balance between it and the mind and body. However occasionally, for many different reasons, this protective shield breaks down or becomes less effective. Those individuals who are sensitive or psychically open need to develop and strengthen this natural protect barrier.

The following exercise which takes about ten minutes initially should be practised regularly so that the process can be speeded up to become almost instantaneous. There are some caveat's on why protections do not always work and these will be commented on after the exercise.

Protection Exercise
Aim:  To strengthen your natural auric protection
Find a place where you can sit undisturbed.

  1. First close your eyes and imagine that somewhere within your physical body (preferably the heart area) that there is a tiny point of light within you that represents your inner Divine Self, the inner core aspect of your Soul consciousness. Allow yourself time to connect to this part of your being by imagining that you are moving closer to it in your mind.
  2. Next imagine that the Sun as a symbol of light and life and also your 'Higher Self' is shining in the sky above your head. And coming from the Sun is a beam of sunlight that comes down through the top of your head and connects to the light within you.
  3. Now imagine that the light within you is expanding out through all layers of the physical body and then beyond for a distance of about two feet. Keep drawing on the power of the Sun to feed this light emanation and to see this halo equally balanced around you - above your head, in front of your body, behind you and under your feet.
  4. Now choose one of three colours White, Sky Blue or Gold and fill the outer edge of this bubble with the colour of choice. You might like to experiment here and decide on whether you prefer, white, blue or gold* as your main protective colour as they all carry slightly different qualities of protection.
  5. You can also sense or imagine this light alternating between being stationary and spinning like a top, with the thought that any directed negative energy sent to you will simply bounce.
  6. You could at this stage further enhance the protection by calling upon and archangel or other protective deity to come and help you and also to imagine that you are stood in the centre of a white three-dimensional equidistant cross and circle. This cross is known as the 'cosmic-cross'.
  7. When you have completed this part open your eyes and sense this protection is still around you.
  8. You can periodically sense the energy of the protection is still there with you as you go about your daily tasks.

*Note:  Technically white and gold are not true colours but are included here for the vibrational energy that they reflect.

How often should I do this exercise?
We would recommend that this exercise is repeated at least three times a day when there is felt to be a lot of invasive energy. As already mentioned some individuals are quite 'open' psychically and are much more likely to pick up unwanted influences. It is these individuals particularly that need to spend time strengthening and balancing their auric protections, however anyone who is developing their sensitivity through meditational or healing practises needs to work on their auric protection.

Why do protections not always work?
There are a number of reasons why protections do not always work as far as the individual is concerned. In other words they can still feel as though they are being battered or negatively influenced by disruptive energies despite creating or putting up protections.

The causes of this are quite complex and depend on the specific situation. For example if you are putting up protections against something you deeply fear then the fear itself creates the entrance point through the auric envelope. At a sub-conscious level we often invoke into our lives that which we fear because deep down we know that the only way of transcending fear is by facing it and not running away from it. Effectively then two parts of our being get into a form of conflict where one aspect invites into the life the issue that is feared and the other part tries to protect itself against the fear. Ideally we should approach putting up protections in the same mindset that we use when putting on our clothes in the morning, which are done to protect us from inclement weather and temperature changes.

Another cause of protections not working can be through unresolved issues within our sub-personalities or 'ego' states, where the Soul conscious aspect of our being is frightened to take full control of the Self. Such individuals will often retreat into a 'dissociative' state within themselves and then become vulnerable to psychic influences. An analogy of this would be the individual who only wishes to live on the top floor rooms of their home and not to venture down to the ground floor or the basement. Consequently burglars break in and leave doors and windows open for anyone to venture in. We do need courage to face our fears and deal with those aspects of the Self that are wounded, go downstairs and close all of the doors and windows.


About the Author

David Furlong grew up in a family that practised spiritual healing and discovered, as a young child, how to access his healing skills. He has been a healer for more than forty years. He is one of the founder tutors of the College of Healing and was the first Chairman of the Natural Health Network. The author of five books including The Healer Within, Working with Earth Energies and Healing Your Family Patterns, he has run workshops and training courses for more than thirty-five years. He is the founder of the Spirit Release Forum.

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