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Finding Your Inner Safe Space by David Furlong

In order to explore the deeper layers of our psyches we need to establish an inner road map that can allow this process to be carried out in a safe integrated way. This article explores this concept and shows how the establishment of an 'inner safe space' is an important part of this journey.

Your 'Inner Safe Space' can be a beautiful place in nature
I have sometimes said that our inner world is every bit as vast as the world that we inhabit physically. This statement is supported by the work of Tom Zinser as relayed in his book Soul Centred Healing, which has an inner world potentially populated by dozens of sub-personalities.

At a practical level, whilst we may know, through the news, the various events that are taking place across the planet, it is those incidents that we experience on a day to day basis that impacts upon us to the greatest degree. Consider for a moment all of the events that happened to you yesterday. How have they impacted upon you and how have you responded to them? Some of the experiences might have generated emotional discomfort some may have generated feelings of pleasure. In a similar way, when we enter into our inner world through meditation, we can experience those parts that hold pain and trauma as well as aspects that provide strength, love and wisdom.

There are many different techniques that you could adopt to explore your inner world or to allow its patterns of energy to come forward to your conscious mind. The process that is described here is one that will allow you to directly confront and heal the different sub-personality aspects of the self that hold trauma. It is a process that needs to start by first establishing a safe 'inner space' from which to operate. This imagined place could be anywhere, whether in the middle of nature, such as the depths of a forest, or on the top of a mountain. It could be a castle, temple or part of a house that you remember as a child. The choice is limitless but the main point is that it needs to be a place where you feel safe and protected.

The best way to approach this task is to establish a link through to your 'Higher-Self' (H-S) and then to ask you H-S to present an appropriate image for you. Knowing you fully your H-S will bring forward to your conscious mind the place that suits you best. You can then imagine yourself entering into this image and allow yourself to bring forward all of the elements that can then help to make it feel safe and secure. Once this safe space has been established you can then spend time connecting to it in your meditations and then moving from it when you wish to explore different parts of your inner world. Into this safe space you can also invite different sub-personalities that may be holding trauma knowing that you have the resources within to deal with them, or you could meet them on the outside of the safe inner space if you prefer.

To explain this further I offer an insight from my own inner journey work that describes this process more clearly. My original 'inner safe space' was a clearing in an imagined forest and I used to retreat there whenever I felt the need to connect to a place of inner peace. I could describe the place in clear detail in my mind and was able to also hear the sounds of birds and the ripple of water from a nearby stream as well as feel the ground under my feet. At some point after this space was established it seemed appropriate to further develop this site, by building a small circular temple within the clearing, not unlike a round ancient Greek temples of old. Within this space I was able to communicate with my guides, helpers and my H-S, through using the symbolism of the Sun.

I then received instruction from these guides that I needed to explore my inner landscape from this temple and to journey forth to meet different parts of myself. These inner journeys were a fascinating experience and I met some parts that held a lot of fear and trauma. In some cases they could be released where I met them, in others I needed to bring them back into the temple to be freed and integrated. For ease of exploration the pathways from this temple radiated out in line with the eight points of the compass, with each direction representing a different archetypal principle, such as the inner child, inner mother or father and so on. Through this practice I came to know aspects of myself that were not apparent at the conscious mind level and to heal some of my sub-personalities that held trauma. This is a place that I can enter whenever I need insight or help.

The following meditation exercise will help you start this process

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Finding Your Inner Safe Space
Aim:  To access a place of healing and balance within
Time: 5 - 10 minutes

Find a place where you can sit quietly and close your eyes. Ideally the soles of your feet should be on the ground, rather than sitting in a 'Lotus' posture because this can help anchor and ground your energies. However if you are used to meditating in the 'lotus' position then do use this method. You will then need to go through body relaxation by fist becoming aware of your breathing and as you breathe out feel that you are relaxing yourself. You could go through a full body relaxation process if you find it hard to relax sufficiently by focusing on the different parts of the body in turn starting with your toes.

  1. Once the above steps have been taken start the exercise by first connecting to and acknowledging you inner soul essence. The simplest way to do this is to imagine that it is 'light' within your body. This light should be centred and anchored in your heart area.
  2. Having linked to your inner light or soul essence you next need to connect to your 'H-S'. You can do this through a number of simple ways that involve imagining, requesting, feeling or affirming.
    • To use your imagination to link to your 'H-S' you can imagine a light or even better a symbol like the Sun shining in the sky above your head and then perceive a beam of pure sunlight coming down through the crown of your head and linking to both your inner light as well as your conscious mind.
    • To request a connection to your H-S simply state the words, either inwardly or outwardly, whichever you prefer "I call on my H-S to link to my inner soul essence and to my conscious mind."
    • To feel the link to your H-S first connect to your heart centre and allow your feeling sense to connect you to your H-S.
    • To affirm you link to your H-S repeat inwardly "I affirm my connection to my H-S".
  3. To test whether you are indeed properly connected to your H-S you can use a finger signal to test the link. The easiest way to do this is by using the first finger on either the right or left hand, whichever seems preferable. You are effectively allowing the body to speak to you kinesthetically. You need to have your palms placed downwards on your thighs or on a table in front of you. If the answer is in the affirmative your 'first finger' should raise from a flat position. You can use your middle finger for a 'no' answer. If the first finger finger does not raise itself or the middle finger is raised, then repeat the above exercises perhaps combining them. If in testing again and your finger does not raise then send a very strong thought to your H-S requesting your H-S to clear and dissolve any blockages that might be impeding the connection. This should then remove anything that is trying to block your connection. This form of connection to your H-S is known as ideo-motor signalling. It should remembered that you H-S is always aware of everything that you are doing because of its link through your inner soul essence, however there might occasionally be something blocking the connection back to your conscious mind.
  4. Once the connection to your H-S has been achieved then ask your H-S to present an image of a place that can represent your 'inner safe space'.
  5. Allow whatever images to come forward to your conscious mind and then select the place that seems most appropriate for you.
  6. When this place has been determined then using your imagination step into this place and as you do so try to bring forward as many of your physical senses as you can, such as looking at all that you can see, listening for any sounds, such as the sound of birds, touching, for example, the bark of a tree or feeling the warm sun on your body. All of these steps will help you anchor this place within your psyche.
  7. Once this place has been established you can then reverse the process of imagining that you are stepping back out of it and returning back to full conscious awareness. With a little practice it will become a place that you can easily enter as part of your journey of inner exploration.
  8. It is sometimes helpful to then draw the place on a piece of paper showing the position of the different elements contained within it. This will further anchor the image within your psyche. And incidentally, every element of this picture will have some form of meaning for you, if you can learn to interpret it, as all images have symbolic meaning, rather like dream images, at this inner level.

The above mediation exercise is intended to help you to begin the journey of accessing into the deeper layers of your psyche. If you encounter difficulties using this exercise you may need to contact a therapist to help support you in the process.

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About the Author

David Furlong grew up in a family that practised spiritual healing and discovered, as a young child, how to access his healing skills. He has been a healer for more than forty years. He is one of the founder tutors of the College of Healing and was the first Chairman of the Natural Health Network. The author of five books including The Healer Within, Working with Earth Energies and Healing Your Family Patterns, he has run workshops and training courses for more than thirty-five years. He is the founder of the Spirit Release Forum.

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