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Dr Tom Zinser Workshop DVDs

Dr Tom Zinser: DVD set of a one day Workshop

For Clinicians and Therapists, held on Monday 4th June 2012

A set of four DVD's of the Training Workshop carried out with Dr Tom Zinser on a special trip from the United States.

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This DVD set of four discs covers the workshop carried out in June 2012 with Dr Tom Zinser from the USA, on Soul-Centered Healing.

Soul-Centered Healing is a therapeutic modality that recognizes every person as a physical, psychic, and spiritual being. It also recognizes that there are phenomena, entities, conditions and forces operating at these levels that can be a source of a person’s pain, fear, or confusion.

Dr Tom Zinser, on a special visit from the States.

In the first half of this one-day workshop, Dr. Zinser discusses the psychic and spirit dimensions of the self, what they mean in our everyday experience, and what can go wrong at these levels to cause serious problems and distress. He explores the energetic, psychic and spirit phenomena that can present in a person’s healing process. These include a person’s higher self; sub-personalities (past life and present); attachment or intrusion by spirits or other kinds of beings; blockages involving etheric devices or energies (created within the self/soul or introduced from outside).

In the second half of the workshop, Dr. Zinser covers the basic protocols for identifying and dealing with each kind of phenomenon as it presents in the healing process. While the workshop does not offer training in the use of these protocols, Dr. Zinser highlights the basic strategies and formula used by each of the protocols. He also describes how these phenomena can co-exist and interact with each other to create conflicts and entanglements at these inner levels.

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Forthcoming Events

Dr Tom Zinser will be speaking at the London Conference on June 22nd 2013. Click here for details.

He will also be running a 3 day training workshop in Malvern from 24 - 26 June 2013. Click here for details.


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