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Spirit Release - Conference Report and Updates

Working With Soul Consciousness:
For Health, Healing and Wellbeing

A Day Conference
Speakers: Dr Tom Zinser, Catherine G. Lucas and Dr David McDonald
Chairman: David Furlong

Videos of this very successful conference are now available on YouTube. See below.

Dr Tom Zinser, on a special visit from the States.

In 1974 Dr Ralph Allison coined the term the "Inner Self Helper" (ISH) for that part of the psyche that maintains the balance of the Self in multiple personality cases. It has subsequently been recognised by other therapists to be a primary key in the healing of emotional, psychological and spiritual conditions. The ISH can be identified under different names being equated with the Soul, Higher Self or the Daemon, depending on which particular system or reference that is used. What is emerging is the extraordinary power of this aspect of our being to effect change at every level and to resolve deep seated psychological issues, such as possession states, when its healing power is accessed. What are the techniques that can be used to connect to this source of seeming infinite wisdom within us and how can its power be utilised to transform and empower all elements of our life? This conference bringing together an eminent team of speakers, including Catherine G. Lucas , founder of the Spiritual Crisis Network, consultant psychiatrist Dr David McDonald and particularly welcoming Dr Tom Zinser, author of "Soul-Centered Healing" on a special trip from the USA, will explore the Soul's power to positively enhance the therapeutic process and to potentially become the guiding light in our journey through life.

The aims of the conference:

  • Define the concept of the Soul, its connection to consciousness and its role as a powerful source of self-help in the therapeutic process
  • Discuss how the power of the Soul can be utilised in dealing with Spiritual Emergency
  • Consider the relationship between the Soul and Higher-Self and the ‘Inner Self-Helper’
  • Explore the way that the Soul can interact with the sub-personalities or ‘ego-states’
  • Discuss how the Soul can be used to resolve psychological and mental health issues
  • Consider how the Soul can help clear spirit attachments, possessions and invasions
  • Explore the methods that anyone can use to access the Soul’s wisdom and power

Conference Programme and Brochure .pdf

Other Speakers

Catherine G. Lucas
David McDonald
David Furlong

Information and Booking

Venue: The Amadeus Centre, 50 Shirland Road, Little Venice, London W9 2JA
Date: Sunday 3rd June 2012 10:00 - 17:00

YouTube Videos

David Furlong: Introduction - http://youtu.be/WjYA1lYHXuc

Catherine G. Lucas: Hearing and Harnessing the Soul's Wisdom in Spiritual Emergency

Video 1 - http://youtu.be/bXqir7kqOb8
Video 2 - http://youtu.be/8IjXpxaemCU
Video 3 - http://youtu.be/X3alUjFFMOI

Dr Tom Zinser: Soul Centred Therapy: Healing the Multidimensional Self

Video 1 - http://youtu.be/V3ED9DihQBQ
Video 2 - http://youtu.be/C-wOg_0VHSs
Video 3 - http://youtu.be/_rly4Drzn10
Video 4 - http://youtu.be/DWhstnVkSeU
Video 5 - http://youtu.be/szkjcHt1wW0
Video 6 - http://youtu.be/9vVsW09qGDs
Video 7 - http://youtu.be/4qsLqRtQrYA

Monday 4 June 2012

Soul Centered Healing: A Workshop for Clinicians and Therapists

A Day Workshop with
Dr Tom Zinser on a special trip from the United States

Videos of Dr Tom Zinser's workshop will be available to members of the Spirit Release Forum.

Dr Tom Zinser, on a special visit from the States.

Soul-Centered Healing is a therapeutic modality that recognizes every person as a physical, psychic, and spiritual being. It also recognizes that there are phenomena, entities, conditions, and forces operating at these levels that can be a source of a personís pain, fear, or confusion.

In the first half of this one-day workshop, Dr. Zinser will discuss these psychic and spirit dimensions of the self, what they mean in our everyday experience, and what can go wrong at these levels to cause serious problems and distress. He will discuss the energetic, psychic, and spirit phenomena that can present in a personís healing process. These include a personís higher self; sub-personalities (past life and present); attachment or intrusion by spirits or other kinds of beings; blockages involving etheric devices or energies (created within the self/soul or introduced from outside).

In the second half of the workshop, Dr. Zinser will discuss the basic protocols for identifying and dealing with each kind of phenomenon as it presents in the healing process. (repeating) While the workshop does not offer training in the use of these protocols, Dr. Zinser will describe the basic strategies and formula used by each of the protocols. He will also describe how these phenomena can co-exist and interact with each other to create conflicts and entanglements at these inner levels. This workshop will challenge and stimulate your thinking about who we are and the reality in which we live. It will also offer a view of healing that integrates the psychic and spirit dimensions of the self with the physical. emotional and psychological dimensions.

Venue: The Amadeus Centre, 50 Shirland Road, Little Venice, London W9 2JA
Date: Monday 4 June 2012 10:00 - 17:00


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The first part of the talk given by Dr Tom Zinser for the Spirit Release Conference at the Amadeus Centre, London in June 2012

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