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Spirit Release - Soul-Centered Healing (Book Review)

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Soul-Centered Healing: A Psychologist's Extraordinary Journey into the Realms of Sub-Personalities, Spirits, and Past Lives. Review by David Furlong

Book - Soul Centered HealingEvery so often a book arrives that opens up new vistas of awareness into the psychological and spiritual nature of who and what we are and the deeper workings of our psyches. One can think of such books as `The Road Less Travelled' by Scott Peck, `Other Lives, Other Selves' by Roger Woolger, `Life after Life' by Raymond Moody and `Journey of Souls' by Michael Newton.

Is `Soul Centred Healing' such a book ... probably, although only time can make this judgement? So what makes this book so special?

The book begins with a psychologist opening up in private practice and starting to use a number of well tried techniques such as `Guided Affected Imagery' to help his clients resolve their issues. Some clients benefited whilst others remained obstinately stuck. This `hit and miss' approach continued until a chance meeting led Dr Zinser to begin working with a channelled guide called Gerod that opened up new perspectives and methods of therapy, which immediately began to have a significant beneficial effect on his treatments and the wellbeing of his clients.

As the co-operation continued more layers of the psyche were opened up that included the importance and nature of `Ego states' or `Sub-personalities', created by the mind to help us cope with traumas which, once created, then act like independent beings within us that need to be understood and worked with in order to resolve the issues they hold.

The book goes on to explore such subjects as spirit attachments and invasions and the methods for their release; the nature and activity of evil spirits and their impact on the psyche; the issues that stem from past-lives before coming back to the central core of the book that there is a power within us, which we can all access through our `higher self' and soul consciousness that can resolve all of these problems.

As a working manual it is clear, concise and full of insights in the areas it addresses, although some subjects, such as the significance of ancestral patterns are not covered, these may well have formed a part of Gerod's insights. For those who wish to step over the border of conventional counselling and psycho-therapy into the transpersonal world it should be essential reading.


About the Author

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Dr Thomas Zinser
Tom Zinser, Ed.D. is a hypnotherapist with a private practice in Grand Rapids, MI. He holds degrees from the University of Notre Dame (B.A.), Xavier University (M.Ed), and received his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Texas A&M University: Commerce in 1977.

After serving as a staff psychologist at a local psychiatric hospital, Dr. Zinser started in private practice in 1980. In 1987, he was specializing in the treatment of dissociative disorders when he met Katharine Mackey who channeled a spirit entity named Gerod. After several sessions with Gerod, Dr. Zinser established a clinical collaboration with Gerod that continued for 14 years.

In addition to helping clients, this collaboration led to an unprecedented mapping of psychic and spirit dimensions of the self. The result was an approach to healing which he called Soul-Centered Healing, which is now available in a book.

Review Letter

Dear David,

I must say a very big thank you for recommending Thomas Zinser’s book on Soul-Centered Healing.

I read it avidly four times because it was obvious to me that Thomas was sharing something that could help me significantly. Just briefly, I will explain why.

In March 2007, after many peculiar nights spent trying to sleep with a drilling sound (like a dentist’s drill) over my left ear and waking up with my body vibrating and sometimes filled with light, I became psychically open and clairaudient; I suddenly began hearing voices of spirit and other entities. It was as if a door had been forced open and I could not shut it. I could not stop hearing them and they had full access to my brain. They knew exactly what I was thinking; and I them. I could see them in black and white and could sense exactly what they were doing. At first it felt thrilling and I was quite excited but soon it became obvious that it was going to be life changing. I could not filter who came in, and this unfortunately included the lowly evolved and depraved.

Despite calling upon angels, trying several recommended protection techniques, reading many books, searching on the net, going on workshops and talking to whoever I thought could help me control this, I could not find a method of cleaning and protecting myself. I found that if I counselled and showed my visitors the light they would go; but unfortunately the more I did this, more came. I used to feel like a mobile clearing house for the lost and homeless. They would come into my body, hang around my home and even try to drive my car for me.

You can imagine how difficult this was, especially whilst working full time and trying to keep strong for my family and friends who had become increasingly worried. Several encounters with evil made me concerned too. Throughout it all, I was always helped in one form or another by caring spirits, although I had several close calls and many disturbed nights.

After reading Thom's book, I decided to use my clairaudience to talk to myself. I figured I could be the therapist and the patient, so I applied his techniques to myself and spoke to my higher self and with its help I retrieved my souls fragments, terminated contracts with evil (I did not know I had made), removed devices etc and had a very good clean up. Most important of all though, I have an insulating layer of protection all around me now and the only voice I hear is that of my highest self.

I think what Thom conveys in his book is priceless. So a very big thank you to him and also to yourself for making this possible for me. I am no longer a hotel and I have my life back.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Caroline Burton

Background Reading
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The following link to Tom's website may be of interest:

Tom Zinser - http://www.soulcenteredhealing.net/

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