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Spirit Release - Freeing Demonic Entities

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The Power of the Higher Self to Free Demonic Entities by Caroline Burton

Case Study
This is written in the hope that if anyone ever doubts the wisdom or ability of their Highest Self to respond to their highest needs, they will think again.

Recently I was in a situation where I thought the ability of my Highest Self to respond to my needs was disabled by a malevolent spirit (who I shall call X). I requested my Highest Self to remove the energetic constraints put on me by X and nothing happened. Usually it works and it really worried me that it did not.

About 10 days ago I woke up during the night and realised that part of my spirit seemed to be trapped somewhere underground. I subsequently experienced it being captured by a dark spirit. My physical body felt possessed and psychically I saw I was constrained in an unfamiliar environment. I then realised the dark spirit intended to sell me (for my light) and indeed he did. He sold me to X.

X was definitely malevolent but he could show me white light, Green light and Magenta light. He was capable of splitting his energy and pretending to be different people - a bit like being all the actors in his own play. He has lots of different rooms in what appeared to be a fortress. Different things were going on inside the rooms, ranging from evil to seemingly benign activities. He enjoyed pretending to be someone who was helping me to escape and then revealed it was him. So he liked the highs and lows such behaviour caused me. He took on a human male voice and appeared to live in isolation.

He appeared to manipulate energy very easily for his own protection and enjoyment and interfered with my own energy field internally and externally. He said he would never let me go. He boasted he could sell me for a high price to the underworld, especially when I died. This was apparently because of my ‘Light work’.

I talked to X about the ‘Light’ and his going home but he said he had no interest in leaving his fortress. Early on in our association he faked a guide coming through and taking him into the ‘Light’ which led me to think he had gone home. Eventually when voices in that ‘Light’ started to speak to me it was obvious it was still him. He had faked his own salvation.

I also talked about the fact that agreements with evil could not bind anyone but he showed no interest. He heard me pray to my highest self to be released from any agreements I had made with evil etc and nothing happened so he probably concluded that if it did not work for me it would not work for him.

X was integrated into my energy field. I felt him move my energy up and down and feel movements like big cogs being turned inside me. He also has chains around me and something placed around my head. As you can imagine it was not a happy situation. The best I felt I could do was to remain calm and forgiving.

My instinct told me he was bored as he craved attention wanting to talk all the time. I could determinedly switch off and ignore his voice but this took energy, and this made him angry. Every time I made him angry he wrote a note on a board to list a retaliatory punishment.

I felt he was extremely capable and perhaps had skills in the dark arts. Two evil spirits came to wherever I was and tried to take me away (as X had only made a down payment for me) and he saw them off quite easily. I was in a cage they could not move.

The thing that most frightened me was that I didn't think my own spirit was capable of reaching anyone in the spirit realm for help and my prayers to my higher self were not making a difference.

It was getting increasingly difficult to stay calm so I phoned David Furlong and asked for advice as to what I should do.

David explained that normally “underground” is to do with going into the subconscious aspects of the Self and is sometimes also linked to shadow energies. He suggested we speak on Skype or the phone to discuss what was going on and what triggered this off.

Reassuringly he told me to remember that even though my ‘Higher-Self’ did not appear to be helping it probably was.

On Skype, David invited me to connect with the Divine Light inside myself and reminded me that no one could take away my connection with God. He then asked me to visualise the Sun and to see a sun beam extend from the Sun and stream into my Crown chakra and then into my heart (where it connected with my inner Light). He asked me to visualise the Sun’s light filling me and asked how I felt. I explained I felt calm and expanded. I then felt very much in touch with the feelings I had been trying to suppress – those of complete abandonment and being lost. After a good flood of tears I felt better.

David explained that there were wise beings in the Sun and as the greatest source of light near the Earth it had great ability to support ‘Light’ work. It could help unblock blockages and generally help get things moving.

X did not like my being linked up with the Sun through me and became angry and said he was not going to let me go. David explained to him the power of the ‘Light’and that it was capable of offering him complete redemption. A conversation ensued and X said he wanted a 100% guarantee that he would be forgiven and could move into the Sun without a catch. David realised that X was himself constrained by other dark forces. After more reassurance (and the realisation by X that nothing dark would want to follow him into the flames of the Sun), X said he was willing to break free. X then linked to the Sun willingly and told his Higher Self to help free him from all agreements he had made with evil. The ties that bound him disappeared and then he willingly went into the Sun’s rays.

After the Skype meeting, fragments of X appeared around me but thankfully I knew what to do with the help of the Sun. When the last of him stood before me and refused the invitation to go into the Sun’s light, I heard myself say "I now release myself from my promise to come and help you" and with that his energy left me and my body finally relaxed. Previously, I had no idea that I had made any such promise.

So David was completely right about my Highest Self - it obviously knew my hidden agenda, which is why it did not release me from X until I had carried out my promise. It is such a relief to know this as I feared X had disempowered my Highest Self.

David said I had spirit guides around me so I said I would like them to talk to me. They told me that I had never been abandoned nor lost. They have since explained to me that I have agreed to do three more forays into the underworld to offer specific lost souls the light. This is going to happen over a period of 15 years and the next one they say will be next year.

I feel great relief that I was not a victim, but that I was there with X because it had been necessary for my soul. I will also trust that my Highest Self is doing what it needs to do for my best interests; even if that is to ignore my heartfelt pleas.

Next time this type of experience happens, I will link up with the Sun for healing and salvation.

I realise now that X’s previous attempt to go into the ‘Light’ did not work for him because he had not broken his ties. I also think that the expansive feelings the Sun encourages can help loosen inhibitions and that may have been instrumental in giving X the courage to break his ties. He also doubted evil would go into the Sun after him.

I am extremely grateful to David for his help and healing– he certainly rescued me and X from hell. I don’t like to think of how long X had been there; but this short while was quite enough for me.

There is much for me to learn so I have booked myself onto the Spirit Release Forums, Introductory Course in September. If this happens again (and if the guides are to be believed, it will) I want to be as prepared as I can be.

David's Comment
This case demonstrates the power that comes from the 'Higher (or Highest) Self' to free us from shadow energies. It is important to remember that we all have a seed of the Divine within and that there is nothing but nothing more powerful than that God consciousness. By linking to the 'Higher Self' through the power of the Sun we align to most potent healing energies that will always shift dark and shadow attachments. The issue is always around free will, and the agreements that we make within aspects of our Self (sub-personalities) to those dark and malevolent spirits that are trapped in their own shadow. Rescind those agreements and attachments and there is nothing that can stop them being removed for the 'Higher-Self', our Divine Self, will always prevail. I have found it very helpful, when dealing with shadow and malefic entities to invoke their 'Higher- Self' aspect in the rescue work, with me acting as the bridge that can communicate directly with them. The symbolism of the Sun, as both the source of light and life for our solar system and the image for the link to the 'Higher-Self' can be combined in a most potent way that can help even the most stuck spirit. No matter how evil all spirits have a seed of God's light within them. By helping them access that 'Light' transformation and redemption is always possible.

Well done to Caroline for her courage and bravery in sorting out these issues.


About the Authors
David Furlong Caroline Burton ia a clairaudient and a channel, and as such assists lost souls into the light. In addition she gets involved in healing (psychic surgery, removal of inplants, past births, deaths, spirit attachments & internal "passengers"). She also provides a means of communication with spirit to assist with the resolution of past conflicts and facilitate whenever possible the gift of forgiveness. See also Caroline's Prayer for releasing entities and contracts (click here).
David Furlong David Furlong has been practising as a therapist for more than forty years. Trained originally as a healer, he was also one of the founding members of the College of Healing, he has gone on to study many aspects of the therapeutic field with a particular interest in the causes of imbalances between the Soul and the body and its impact on a variety of psychological conditions. He is the author of five books, including The Healer Within, Working with Earth Energies and Healing Your Family Patterns. He is one of the tutors of the Spirit Release Forum courses.

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