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Spirit Release - Soul Fragments and Soul Retrieval

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Soul Fragments and Soul Retrieval by David Furlong

This article explores the concept of soul fragments; why they are created, what can be done to restore balance to the body and what can be done to retrieve the dissociated parts of the soul.

Soul Fragments
When the soul first connects with the body to begin the process of incarnation it is in a very pure state. Its first links are quite tenuous but as the foetus starts to develop so more aspects are able to unite with the physical and this process continues after birth. At a certain stage as the baby begins to develop the soul has within itself the capability of creating aspects of itself to hold and contain memory patterns. If these become too painful the patterns are moved away from the immediate environment of the psyche.

Each of these separate parts needs a tiny aspect of the soul's consciousness to sustain it.

If we return to the metaphorical analogy of the house then to begin the process the infant's psyche is held within one room. If problems occur then parts of the self or sub-personalities are created to hold these discordant energies. These can then be placed in their own separate room, so that the intensity of the pain does not overwhelm the psyche. They are still connected but the potency of the energy they hold is symbolically reduced by the thickness of the walls. Each of these separate parts, a sub personality, needs a tiny aspect of the soul's consciousness to sustain it. In effect a soul fragment is required to infuse the sub-personality aspect to maintain its existence.

As the infant continues to grow more sub-personalities continue to be created in response to trauma. Sometimes these aspects of the self are fully aware of each other and sometimes they become separated off and locked in their own inner world, particularly if the trauma is intense.

The Higher Self (HS) is aware of all of these divisions but does not interfere unless specifically requested so to do.

The executive self, the part that we normally associate with our conscious controlling mind can easily lose track of these different aspects of the psyche, particularly if they hold very traumatic memories. If they are holding deep pain then there will often be a fear of connecting to them. Whilst in this state they normally are still under the jurisdiction of the protection of the Soul's energy. So although in trauma they are not generally subject to the prey of negative attachments.

However they too have their free-will and if their needs are not being satisfied by the Souls' energy they can begin to look elsewhere and outside of the house for succour and assistance. It is when this happens that the psyche becomes open to some form of invasive energy. For the sub-personality might subsequently meet up with a spirit that fulfils its needs and then invite it back into the household. This is how attachments and invasions happen. Wandering spirits attaching to dissociated aspects of the self can find an entry point into the psyche if the sub-personality welcomes them in

Rejected sub-personalities
In some cases the trauma or energy held by the sub-personality is so intense the executive self will eject them from the household. Rather like throwing out the errant teenager because they are causing so much inner disturbance. However in these cases the teenager still feels that its home is its home and will do everything in its power to try to get back inside again. This is where sometimes confusion occurs within clients who feel that there is an energy trying to possess them, when in fact is only one of their sub-personalities trying to get back home.

The challenge is for the soul to redeem all of these aspects of the psyche

The challenge then for the soul is to redeem all of these aspects that it has created and bring them back into the home but in a way where they can all co-exists together, if they so choose, in a peaceful way. These parts can also be assimilated back into the soul if that is what is deemed from both sides to be appropriate.

Issues arise when a person dies, with ejected sub-personalities and their fragmentary soul parts, for these go on existing. They are in effect waiting for the soul to re-incarnate again, when they will have another opportunity of being re-united once more. These fragmentary parts are sometimes held captive by shadow spirits or DFEs, who will use these parts as entry points into the psyche when soul returns again to the Earth plane.

Redeeming Soul Fragments and Soul retrieval
At some stage in our soul journey we need to claim back and redeem all of the parts of our being that have become fragmented or lost. Past life recalls can prove effective in this process although it is not always necessary to relive past traumas to re-assimilate these aspects of the self. The connection to the HS and our will and intent can do this for us, although it might bring to the surface some painful memories and patterns. This is why the process is often best carried out over a period of time.

As part of normal living we all will have created a number of sub-personalities within our being. Each will have a fragment of the soul’s energy to sustain its existence. These sub-personalities can continue to co-exist within if this is what is deemed appropriate or they can, at anytime, be reabsorbed into the soul’s inner light. Ejected sub-personalities can sometimes seem like possessing entities for they are a part of the psyche trying to get back home.

If a person dies with an ejected sub-personality or one or other of the sub-personalities have been captured by an evil entity then that part does not pass back into the spirit realm but remains stuck close to the Earth plane. These parts of the psyche await the time when the soul is back in incarnation again and they can then be re-united with the soul’s energy. To do this fully might also entail clearing any negative attachments that have accrued to them.

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