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The Link Between the Soul, Mind and Body by David Furlong

In this article we look at the link between the physical body and the inner core life force aspect of our being. This part is generally known as the soul but can also be called the psyche, spirit or inner self. For simplicity, I will use the term 'soul' throughout this article.

I am sure most of us are fully aware of our physical body, although when it is functioning well we might take it for granted. I trust also that you have a sense of your soul, or at least have a sense that there resides within you a unique spiritual essence or individual life force. We can therefore say that there are two distinct parts of our makeup.

  • Your soul, which is eternal and can operate outside of the space-time continuum.
  • Your physical body, which is mortal and locked into the space-time continuum.

For these two parts to work in balance there has to be a bridge or means of communication between these twin facets of the self. If not life would be meaningless, so how does your soul communicate with your body, and vice versa?

Energy exchanges and the piano analogy
Those in the healing field have come to recognise that there is a continuous energy exchange between your soul and body and when this breaks down, at any level, your health is impaired. One way that this flow of energy can be understood is by using the metaphor of a piano, with the base octave representing the physical self and the top or treble octave the soul. Imagine that you are such a piano, where all of the other aspects of your being, your emotions, your mind, your sub-personalities, your ego, your chakras, your aura and etheric self are the octaves between your soul and your body. Now something very interesting happens when any note of the piano is sounded , for a vibration is set up in the string that causes all similarly pitched notes to vibrate. For example, if you were to play middle C, assuming that the piano damper was off, the vibration in the spring would set up a pulse that would be transferred to every other C note on the piano - each octave of the C note, from the bottom to the top would vibrate.

The symbolic stepdown of 'energy' between the soul and the body.
The simple principle to be grasped is that energy is exchanged through resonance. When two things are in resonant harmony with each other then a potential flow of information is created that transfers across octaves. This is why our emotions and thoughts affect the body and conversely why substances that we put into our body, such as sugar, caffeine, alcohol and drugs affect our mind and emotions. It is for this reason that higher or finer frequencies can translate down to the physical level - for example, when spiritual healing is practised.

From this analogy you can see that whatever you do at a physical level creates a vibration that transfers energy across octaves to the soul self and thence to your spirit. Likewise any thought or emotion that flows from your consciousness causes a vibration that affects your physical body. There is a dance of energy that is going on within us the whole time. Exactly the same process happens within every living organism , although in simpler life forms, such as bacteria, fewer octaves are involved.

The etheric body and quantum mechanics
The bridge between the physical body and the next octave up, called the etheric body, is scientifically at the quantum mechanics level. Science is now aware of how particles of matter can appear and disappear contrary to the normal laws of physics. This is the boundary between the physical and non-physical worlds. In this context we normally thinks of the spiritual aspect within us vibrating on a very high frequency and the physical body on a dense , low frequency. Fig.1 shows the step down of energy across octaves as it symbolically operates within us.

The amnesiac barrier
The last point that needs to be made in this model is the amnesiac barrier that exists between the conscious mind and the soul or spirit. In other words when we enter into physical incarnation we forget who we are and from where we have come. There is a very good reason why this barrier is in place because of the differences between the experiences from the loving spiritual realm and some of the hardships we experience in the physical world. If this barrier were not in place many souls would not tolerate being here. Secondly problems from traumatic earlier incarnations can also cause issues with the present life. It is much better to be in a position of ignorance until such time as the psyche is sufficiently robust to begin to explore into these other dimensions, the most important of which is accessing the wisdom of the 'higher-self'.

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Background Reading
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David Furlong's classic book provides a detailed account of how spiritual energies operate through the natural world and includes a section on 'earthbound' spirits, why they get stuck and the steps that can be taken for their release. It provides an excellent back drop to an understanding of role of wide range of different types of spirits on this planet. Jane Thurnell-Read book's is 'THE' reference manual for those interested in the subject of 'geopathic' stress. It is packed full of useful information and the author also introduces all the influential writers and practitioners in this field so that you get a broad and balanced view of the subject. Perhaps there is nothing specifically new here but as a summation it is excellent. Sue Allen's book is a clearly set-out account of spirit release work, using hypnosis. There are many fascinating case studies, with verbatim accounts of the therapeutic interaction. It contains many tips and practical suggestions. The book is written for the general public. It should also be read by every spirit release therapist. In this fascinating collection of true ghost stories, clairvoyant Anson Gogh, shares her most interesting, difficult, and unusual cases. Helping an escaped slave reunite with his family, finding justice for a young girl murdered in 1896,its all in a days work. The book also includes advice that readers (whether psychic or not) can use to help lost spirits cross over to the other side.

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