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Spirit Attachments by Dr Mark Sterry-Blunt

There are two types of spirit attachment which account for more than ninety-nine percent of instances.

The first are those which are discarnate human entities: lost souls. These find themselves being lost because they didn’t know what happened, at the moment of the death of their last body. They may have died in an accident they thought they would survive, their death may have been sudden and a surprise or they sometimes have died while unconscious – through concussion, drink or drugs, including those administered by a medic i.e. a general anaesthetic.

At this time, the Spirit is hanging around, wondering what is going on and why people won’t talk to them. Those who see their own funerals and their own gravestones, if they missed the event at the moment it happened, still don’t understand that they have died.

They may stay near the place of death or drift off to their family home, their place of work, favourite golf club or bar. They still think they are alive and, since they have not moved on, they still have the motivations and desires they held whilst alive in their last body.

Now, if they see somebody who lives a life where they think they can carry out their motivations and desires, they sometimes will join. This brings their habits into the life of the host, as well as any memories of illness or injury. You can see the disturbance this will cause in the host’s life.

How can someone become a host? Well, they need to be in a certain condition. Usually unconscious (as above) but not asleep, they can experience a severe trauma or be involved in Spiritual practices without adequate protection.

Places inhabited by spirits
Many people think that ghost hunters would find a churchyard a busy place - not so. Some may think of a battlefield - quite busy - but the busiest place is a hospital. Hospitals are often many years old, many people die there unconscious and many of the living, there, are unconscious.

When these attachments “see the light”, they are apologetic and take all their energy with them as they leave. The host feels a lifting as they witness them go and then feels as they did before the attachment happened. All strange habits and illnesses are gone.

The second are the Dark ones, Demonic entities or Dark Force Energies. These are from the opposite of the Light and have as their only priority to disrupt human endeavours, love and relationships and to spoil lives. The ultimate goal being to bring about suicide. Every single release I have done of a Spirit which went through a suicide has shown at least one Dark one attached.

The Dark ones bring some unpleasant habits and changes in character. They enjoy the feelings in a human of addiction, self harm and sexual excess and will often indulge in these activities for their own pleasure.

A host can be joined in any of the circumstances above but there are a few more that will work, here. If someone is involved in Satanic rituals, or uses a Ouija board, for instance, this is seen as an invitation to the Dark ones and gives then a feeling of a stronger hold, which is why they usually feel the host belongs to them.

A host can have multiple attachments and they can be a mixed variety of discarnate human entities and Dark ones. Attachments can have attachments to them. To feel there is something else inside you must be frightening but experience has shown that the instance of Dark ones is not overwhelming by any means. The ratio is about half and half, with any bias falling on the side of discarnate human entities.

Types of Attachment
There are several different types of attachment, which fall into 5 main categories.

  • Earthbound: Most common - either the soul or a fragment of a soul of one whom having died, has not moved on into the light. Always, where possible, work with the Higher Self aspect of the entity. This can be backed up by asking for a loved one to come to the edge of the light to help facilitate the release. Please be careful not to ask specifically for their Mother or Father in case the client does not feel loved by them.

  • Elementals:These beings can be sent as an attachment through a curse or other magical processes. If this is the case then thank them for doing their job and return them via the light beings to where they need to be for their own healing and reconnection to their own realm. DO NOT send them back to whoever sent them, as this simply adds to the karmic cycle. It should also be noted that elemental beings will sometimes come to work with humans if there is a specific karma to be worked through. In this case they come with the full support and blessings of the HS and therefore should not be sent back to their realms.

  • Shadow Entities : Where possible help them access the light within themselves so that they can move back into a space of balance. These entities generally come from either the human or angelic realms so you will need to differentiate. Call on the archangel Michael for assistance in dealing with them.

  • ETs: Return them (via light beings if necessary) to their own environment, their spacecraft, planet, universe or to the light. Always ensure that you get agreement to never again attempt to violate the being of any living thing.

  • Thought Forms: These are generally the intense, controlling energies of living people who are or have been in contact with the client. Often parental and familial, but they can also be past lovers, etc. The client may be unwittingly holding onto the thought forms as rules, behaviours, beliefs, or other dead connections. The people who sent the thought forms may be dead or alive. Send into the light for transmutation, then back to the originator as healing energy. Ensure that the client fully releases the thought forms. Also bring back to the client all of his/her thought forms which may be controlling others. All of it is wasted energy.



Background Reading
The following books are recommended as further information to the above article.

Spirit Releasement

Spirit Release

The Unquiet Dead

Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits

Bill Baldwins classic book gives many insights into the nature of spirit attachment and the methods for their release. On finishing the Manual, one has at one's fingertips up-to-date knowledge of how actually to use the procedures that are described. The therapist is also given explanations of why they work. Sue Allen's book is a clearly set-out account of spirit release work, using hypnosis. There are many fascinating case studies, with verbatim accounts of the therapeutic interaction. It contains many tips and practical suggestions. The book is written for the general public. It should also be read by every spirit release therapist. Edith Fiore's fascinating book has stood the test of time. It is covers information about lost, confused souls trapped on the physical plane. Instruction on releasing attached entities results in soul rescue and is a much needed work, both for the host and the trapped soul. It has helped many re-evaluate the impact of the spirit world upon us. Linda Williamson is an experienced medium with a deep understanding of the trauma that souls can sometimes go through when they die, and the consequent reasons that cause them to become trapped on the Earth's plane rather than progressing to the world of spirit. She gives information on the mediumistic approach to spirit release.

The following links to other websites may be of interest:

Sue Allen Therapies - http://www.sueallentherapies.co.uk/
Dr Mark Sterry-Blunt - http://www.befreenow.co.uk/

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