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Spirit Release - In Places (Part 2)

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Releasing Souls/Spirits Attached to Places (Part 2) by David Furlong

In part one I described the process of releasing a soul or souls from a specific place rather than from a person. In this part I will go through some typical and not so typical cases that highlight some of the issues already described.

Drunk, Disorderly and Stuck
The first case is fairly typical. I was called to visit a detached property built in the 1980’s. The family living there had become conscious of a Soul focused in one of the side rooms that occasionally wandered in other parts of the property. The feeling in this room was quite disturbed although it was now used as a games room for the children. They had sensed a presence there and did not like being in the room at night.

Psychically tuning into the room I became conscious of the Soul of a man in his fifties, who used to drink heavily and had in fact died in a drunken stupor. I communicated telepathically with this Soul helping him realise that he was no longer physically alive and then connected him to his guides and ‘Higher Self’. He then easily moved into the light. From that point on there were no more disturbances within the house.

A Celtic Massacre?
The second case involved a College in some beautiful parkland in Berkshire. With this case I worked with a group as one of the members worked at the College. She was very conscious of a very disturbed feeling in some of the ground floor rooms of part of the College buildings in which also ‘ghostly’ presences had been perceived over a period of time. Working on this case took us back to Celtic times, where we sensed a massacre had occurred. There was a perception also that some individuals had been ritually sacrificed after the battle. A lot of healing and release was sent both to the place and to the area as whole. What was significant about this case was that not only did the person within the healing group feel an enormous improvement in the energy but this was also picked up independently by a number of other individuals, who were not aware of the healing that happened but commented that they felt that the atmosphere had unexpectedly and greatly improved.

The Mental Asylum
Another case involved the disturbed energies within a converted flat, which had been part of a Victorian mental asylum. Part of the lounge in this property felt ‘freezing’ cold to such an extent that the owners kept calling back the heating engineers although they could not understand what was wrong or rectify the situation. Such places have many layers and there were plenty of stuck Souls present within the complex. The problem here is that those who are mentally disturbed are often living most of the time in an ‘out of body’ state and the boundaries between being alive or dead are, from the Soul’s perspective, very blurred. Once these Souls had been released the temperature of the room went back to normal. Cold spots in places are often a sign of disturbed psychic energy or identify the place of a trapped Soul.

King Tutankhamun
SarcophogusThe most famous historical ‘character’ that I have helped release is that of the Soul of Tutankhamun. I was conscious of his Soul still being present in the tomb on one of my early visits to Egypt in the middle of the 1980’s. His Soul was in some considerable torment and on checking with my guides was informed that his was a very powerful spirit and we had to be very carefully in attempting to help him move on as others before had tried and failed. We were also told that his Soul had created quite a serious detrimental influence on Upper Egypt. It was the Luxor massacre in November 1997 that finally persuaded me that we had to help release King Tut. So over the space of the next twelve months on a regular basis I sent considerable focussed healing into his Soul essence. When I came to visit Egypt the following year I worked with the spirit of his wife Ankhesenamun and his father the pharaoh Akhenaten who both came to help. They were able to take him back into the spirit world. I have since had it confirmed by others that his Soul is no longer within the tomb.

A Saintly Burden
One of the more bizarre cases that required help involved the Soul of an individual who lived a pious life as a monk in 1500’s. Unfortunately his saintly reputation, on the Greek island on which he lived, had reached a very high level that meant that almost immediately after his demise, individuals started to pray to him and invoke his presence to help them in their lives. His body was preserved and can still be seen to this day. When visiting the monastery where he had originally lived I became very conscious of his Soul, in some considerable distress, because all of the prayers and invocations for help were preventing him moving on properly into the spirit world. Clearly we could not just release his Soul because the prayers or invocations would only draw him back again. So under guidance we created a ‘dummy’ Soul, which we then linked both to his body and then made a connection directly through to the Archangel Michael. The idea being that those who then prayed to the Saint would have their peas answered directly from the archangelic realm rather than from this trapped Soul (I have omitted his name for political reasons). When this was done we were then able to release him fully into the spirit world, where to the best of my knowledge he is still enjoying a wonderful rest.

Group Workings
Working in groups can be very powerful and often as part of the Spirit Release training. One of the exercises we do is a spirit release within the building where we are working by simply opening up and inviting any stuck or ‘earthbound’ Souls to come forward into the light. It is amazing how many actually turn up most dating to the past one hundred and fifty years or so although occasionally much older. It would seem that most Souls eventually wake up and make their transition, with just a few hanging on because of some specific trauma or issue.

A Zulu Drum
Not all ‘earthbound’ or trapped Souls are of ‘human’ origin. Some stem from the elemental or nature kingdoms. I have come across many ritual figures or masks from different native cultures, which have elemental spirits attached to them. Sometimes they can be benign and sometimes aggressive. An example of the former was a native African drum that I acquired many years ago. When taking the drum back in my car I was very conscious of an earth elemental being within the drum that had been invoked and placed there by an African Sangoma shaman. On getting back home I communicated with this spirit and told it that it could leave if it wished but was welcome to stay if it so desired. It chose to remain as part of the drum for the time being at least.

Occasionally such masks and drums carry with them some very negative spirit energies and these need to be released and cleansed. Normally in these cases the spirit has been invoked against its will and can generally by freed quite easily. Such spirits will then return back to their realm rather going through the tunnel of light into the spirit world.

The above cases barely scratch the surface of those that I have covered but do give some insight into the variety and complexity that is involved in this fascinating area of vocation. There is certainly an enormous amount of releasing work to be done that will require a great deal of help from many different individuals and groups before the world is truly free of trapped or ‘earthbound’ Souls. We are sadly still creating problems, through wars and such like that end up causing considerable spiritual chaos.

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