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Spirit Release - Facing the Shadow

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The Shadow and Shadow Entities by David Furlong

We now come to one of the most difficult areas of spirit release that of dealing with entities that wish to remain in the shadow parts of themselves. The first section considers the background to these states before moving on to why individuals become enmeshed with these energies and finally to the steps that can be taken for their removal.

All spirits periodically need to experience the shadow aspects of their nature. At its simplest level the 'shadow' is simply the opposite of the Light and provides a contrast that helps the evolving soul understand in greater depth the essence of its true nature. The process of evolution back to the consciousness of the Creator entails, for each soul/spirit, a unique journey. It is the experiences the stem from this journey that adds to the expansion of the consciousness of the Creative essence of the cosmos. All experiences are unique and yet to see those experiences in context a background that provides polarity is required. At its simplest level we might liken this to moving between night and day. Both have their value and range of experiences.

When this process is expressed in the planes of experience close to the level of the Earth some of these patterns of experience take on a dynamic that exaggerates fear and loathing. One of the great challenges of the Earth plane is to be able to move beyond these shadow polarities into a place of acceptance and non-fear for whatever might be experienced.

To reach this stage requires, in some cases many lifetimes, where the spirit dips in and out of incarnation, experiencing life at the material plane before returning back into the spirit realm where it encounters love and acceptance at a profound level. The challenge then is how to translate this experience down to the 'Earth plane'.

When a spirit is in incarnation it will be confronted by its fears and if these reach an extreme level aspects of the soul, with attendant sub-personalities, can become split off and held in a form of limbo until the soul in conjunction with the Higher Self is able to be re-united with these parts again.

The experience of moving in and out of shadow states is therefore part of the pattern or dynamic of the Earth plane. The problem that can arise is that spirits will sometimes become stuck in this experience and to take this dynamic forward when they leave their physical body. They in effect forget who they really are and where they have come from and the abundance of love, healing and forgiveness that is available to them.

When a spirit gets into this state it starts to enter into a form of downward spiral that opens it up to moving further and further into the shadow aspects of itself. All aspects of consciousness are sustained by energy. Normally spirits draw energy from the Creator to sustain them on their journey. If the energy of the Creator is rejected then this energy needs to be drawn from other sources. One way to do this is to feed, in a parasitic way, off of the energies of those who are in incarnation. Once a spirit makes this choice it, in effect, becomes an evil entity. The spirit guide Gerod describes the situation thus:

"True evil is when you would wish to interfere with the free will and the choices of another. This is what evil is, and then it is something that can become expressed in very many different ways, but those are the basic tenets of it.. . because that is the promise that God gave all—that you have free will, the ability to create your life in any way that is appropriate for you. When you take away that right from any individual or any soul, then you have created the opposite of what has been promised. You have taken that away from them and interfered with their basic right as an existing being. That is where evil then can now begin to come into the picture because it is a controlling and manipulative act and it is tending to interfere with what should be."

From "Soul Centred Healing" by Tom Zinser

Control and manipulation can be achieved in two ways. The first is through encouraging incarnate spirits to indulge in the shadow aspects of themselves and the second is to directly attach to or take up partial possession of a body. These shadow energies also tend to work together in groups and there is a form of hierarchy within the shadow world that could be compared to the hierarchy within the realms if Light. However it should be appreciated that this also has its limitations and is not a mirror image of the realms of Light. It is only that close to the Earth plane it might seem like this.

The dynamics that attract the shadow are:
and the inflation of the 'ego'

The dynamics that attract the Shadow are fear, control and the inflation of the 'ego'. Shadow entities will therefore encourage or try to amplify these energies within individuals if they detect a possible opening or weakness within. One way that they achieve this is by connecting to one or other of the sub-personalities of the psyche. This process does not normally happen instantly but usually takes place over a period of time, rather like the grooming of children for sexual perversion. Lures are baited and the soul can slowly find itself being drawn more and more into the shadow aspect of itself, so that it completely forgets the inner source that sustains it. Such souls when leaving incarnation do not then normally pass back into the realms of Light but become trapped in the Shadow lands and become the prey of those that groomed it. Because control is a primary aspect of this level of consciousness they are compelled to both control and be controlled. Their up line controllers demand that they seek out new converts and in this process they feel compelled to try to take control of another soul through the methods already described.

The degree to which souls get infected varies. In the extreme cases the full aspect of the incarnate soul becomes trapped, in others it is only one or other of the sub-personalities. When a person dies and their soul returns back into the spirit world their sub-personalities are normally re-absorbed back into the totality of the spirit. However the sub-personalities that have become ensnared by evil cannot return back to the spirit realms and become trapped close to the physical plane. Each sub-personality has a tiny fragment of soul energy within it, and therefore a soul fragment becomes stuck or earthbound.

These parts become the prey of other shadow souls that hold onto them, waiting for the spirit to return back into incarnation to claim these parts back. Indeed this is one of the aspects that tends to cause spirits to need to return many times to the Earth plane so that they can redeem and claim back all aspects of themselves, so that their totality is re-united in the spirit realm.

This process has to be addressed at some stage of the soul's journey on the Earth plane. The problem is claiming these parts back because the shadow entities do not want this process to occur, rather they would like to see the process of downward spiralling continue and this is where the tussle occurs.

Becoming Trapped - Dark Force Entities or DFE's
The Devil Tarot card from the Rider-Waite pack graphically shows how shadow entities try to ensanre us using lies and deceipt.
Shadow spirits, sometimes referred to as 'dark force entities' or DFEs, are on continual look out for any individual that might be a potential convert. As mentioned already the key to this process is fear, control and ego. Any way that these energies can be stimulated within the mind and psyche of a person is encouraged. They deliberately target those sub-personality parts that hold these dynamics and try to persuade them to indulge further these traits, often using forms of inducement, rather like the story of Dr Faustus. They convince these parts that once an agreement has been made then it can never be broken. This of course is a deceit but the sub-personality or ego-state is not aware of this and can feel itself bound by a form of contract that it feels is inviolable. If the shadow entity can persuade other aspects of the psyche to move into this state then so much the better but as long as there is a hold, then it is possible to feed off of any negative energy that is generated.

It should be remembered that most of this is taking place beneath the level of the conscious mind. What the individual will experience is urges to act or not act in certain ways. Fear aspects within themselves will be encouraged as will the impulse to reject parts of the psyche, which will then provide more prey for the Shadow entities to feed off. These are subtle processes that we are normally not aware of consciously.

Clearing Shadow Entities
The most important first concept to understand when clearing any shadow entities is that there is an absolute power within the psyche, which has the full weight of the Divine behind it, to clear and release any negative or shadow attachments. No matter how much they try to persuade aspects of the self to the contrary their control is strictly limited to what they can trick the soul or an aspect of the psyche into believing. The part that has full executive control over these situations is the Higher Self. However one of the great gifts we have all been given is that of free-will to choose and this free-will option extends also to all of the separate parts that we create within ourselves. In the course of our lives we bring these aspects into creation to form part of our experience. Many of them, our sub-personalities, are created in childhood but they can be created at any time. They have their free-will as well to go on experiencing and the HS will not override this free-will element if this part chooses to reject the HS.

The first stage then in the process of release is connecting to the part of the psyche that has become open to the invasive shadow energies and to understand why it has taken this stance. It must be remembered that everything that we create at this level has part of the soul's light within it, no matter how dark it might seem. That aspect has also a connection to the HS of the soul that brought it into being, so one of the simplest methods that can be adopted, after a connection has been made to the sub-personality, is to send healing light from the HS to its inner core self.

It is amazing the power of this approach, for what appears on the surface to be ugly and repulsive suddenly dissolves away to reveal the beauty within. Once this starts to happen the power of the shadow attachment will be lessened and the full release can take place.

At this stage the DFE can be sent on its way, however a far better approach is then to see whether anything can be done to help the DFE transform, by sending a thought of healing, love and forgiveness through to its core self, for remember an aspect of the Creator's Light exists within everything. It may be possible to get into dialogue with DFE at this stage to awaken it to the potential for forgiveness and release that also exists within it. If it can be persuaded to connect to its HS aspect then there is hope for it to begin to let go of its need to remain in the shadow lands and to return back to the Light. If this can be achieved then the process has a very positive and satisfactory outcome. If not then it is just a case of recognising and respecting the free-will choices of any spirit. Ultimately, no matter how tortuous the journey all spirits will return back to the path of the Creator.

At the realms close the Earth plane polarity divisions open up to the potential for shadow energy or evil to manifest. All souls, as part of their journey through life need to negotiate these conditions. We have to understand to explore and to come to terms with the shadow aspect of ourselves. As long as we acknowledge our potential to be able to express both energies there is not a problem. It is when we reject one or other of those polarities that problems will arise. When we reject something it eventually becomes a boomerang that will take us over. Souls in their journey can become enmeshed in their negativity and as such will then need to express all of the opposite aspects of the Divine energy by exaggerating fear, control and the inflation of the ego.

The part that has full jurisdiction over our lives is our Higher Self. This can clear any negative or shadow attachments as long as its energies are invoked. As part of the healing process we need to continually access and call on this part of our being for healing and release. Its power overrides any contracts, or agreements made with shadow entities as long as the part that made the agreement is willing to let go of the attachment.

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