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Spirit Release - Death and Transition

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Death and Transition by Dr Mark Sterry-Blunt

Having taken many people through Past Life Regression and encountered many lost souls who remember previous lives, I am more and more comforted by the regular repetition of the same description of the Interlife; I cannot count how many times I have heard it but it is always the same, whoever tells me it. This common account of Death and Transition is written below. This is obviously the experience of those who know what has happened, at the time of Death. Those who don’t have a different story, which you can read about under “Spiritual Attachments”.

Immediately after the moment of Death, the Light is there and they naturally move into it to be greeted by a familiar presence or one who is not known. It is always commented on that any pain or turmoil has gone; it doesn’t matter anymore, it is over, they are free. There always seems to be a jump to what comes next. This would correspond with there being a period of rest before the next stage.

What comes next is a reunion with a small number of “old friends” with whom the one in question has lived in previous lives. They are pleased to see each other and, if there is any bad business that was done between them since they last met here, it is genuinely forgiven because it doesn’t matter.

By this time, they notice that everything is white and featureless, including the robes that the others wear. Fairly soon, they find themselves in a private conversation with three others who seem to be older, wiser and some sort of council. The place is like a separate, small room, which was not seen before but appeared from the whiteness, as it was needed but is still white.

In this meeting a discussion covers successes and mistakes made in the last life. Remedies and measures to be taken to avoid those mistakes in future are formulated. This seems to correspond to the periods of review and atonement (where necessary) because, after this meeting, the one concerned rejoins their friends and takes on robes of white, discarding the last identifiers of their last life, showing they have understood and are now clean.

Plans are then made for their next life and these account for accomplishments the one concerned now knows they have to achieve in their next life. These will have been discussed in the meeting with the three others. Among the group of friends, agreements are made as to who will be going together, this time.

Sometimes a choice of up to three possible new lives if offered, with a full rundown of who they will meet in each life, what help and tools they will find and what difficulties they will find. Many make the choice based on whom they will meet. This is probably why some people find their soul mate or feel they have known someone for a lifetime as soon as they meet them.

They then find themselves in that new life in which they have no recollection of what has gone before, just an innocence with which to walk into what awaits. Some retain that innocence until the end; some evolve partway through, understanding what many don’t.

What else is always told from the Interlife is that lessons to be learned in the next life, if achieved in that life, count for far more than gaining the understanding in the next interlife. Those who evolve Spiritually during a lifetime do so almost exponentially. Those who don’t, sometimes find that some lessons are re-presented; they have to be achieved while incarnate, as a human being, in order to be understood.


Background Reading
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Journey of the Soul

Dr Michael Newton explores the fascinating world where our souls go in between physical incarnations. Newton is one of the authorities in the past life regression hypnotherapy and he compiled this book from multiple cases of his clients. This book attempts to describe the spiritual world common to all of us. In Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton once again takes us to the spirit world in a way no other author has done. And it is hard to put into words the effect his books can have on a reader. Destiny of Souls not only elaborates on what was covered in Journey of Souls, but covers new topics such as ghosts, dreamweaving, animal souls and so on. Andy Tomlinson skillfully takes the reader behind the scenes of both past-life regression therapy and spiritual regression (Life Between Lives) therapy. Sincerely written in a personal and easy-to-understand style, this book is a treasure chest of information that is equally invaluable to the practicing therapist as well as to the interested lay person. Highly recommended this book is a wonderful insight into ourselves and the universe we live in. What a different world this would be if everyone had access to this beautiful book. Give yourself a gift and buy it, read it and pass it on to everyone you know.

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