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Spirit Release - Attachments and Invasions

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Background to the Releasing of Attachments and Invasions by David Furlong

This article provides a background to why spirits attach themselves to individuals and the steps that can be taken for their removal.

Internalised or Externalised Attachments?
Spirits can attach themselves to individuals in three possible ways. They either link to the outer energy of the aura, or they can become internalised by attaching to one of the sub-personalities or they take up residence in part of the psyche that has been vacated.

Externalised Attachments
Externalised attachments are the easiest to clear. For those who are clairvoyant such spirits can often be ‘seen’ psychically. They are generally lost and confused but are not really interested in taking up habitation within a body. Because of these factors generally they do not put up any resistance to being helped to move on. A typical example might be the spirit of someone who has committed suicide that on finding they still ‘exist' and in their confusion attached themselves to a close friend they have known. The friend might be aware of their presence but have no idea on how to help them. A short healing/therapeutic session allowing the connections to be made to the ‘suicide’s’ higher-self and guides will quickly move the soul back into the spirit realm. Individuals who have these types of attachments will often know immediately that the departure has taken place and follow up calls rarely indicate anything other than that everything is fine.

This type of case is quite typical and often also occurs where ‘loved’ ones stay around to try to help or be with their family members. There may be strong influences being exerted from the ‘earthbound’ spirit, such as not wanting a partner to marry again, but there is no desire to want to inhabit their body. In these cases, with a little persuasion, and working with your guides and helpers and that also of the stuck spirit it is normally an easy process to help the soul move on. External attachments, rather like spirits that have attached to places, normally fall into the simple category.

Thought Forms
Another type of external attachment is the ‘thought form’. These are created by individuals, either consciously or unconsciously, usually from some strong emotional outburst, which is then ejected from the psyche and can then attach to the auric fields of another individual.

In some cases the recipient is deliberately targeted such as where a person gets very angry with an individual, who is either present or at a distance and the thought energy of that emotion is projected out and attaches itself to the person's energy field. Sometimes the projection is done unconsciously but the effect is the same. The extreme form of a 'thought form' projection is a curse.

On other occasions these ‘thought forms’ can attach to a person’s aura by a form of resonant linking. In these cases a person simply picks up these energies whilst going about their daily business, from the people or places they visit. For example if a person is feeling very jealous they may attract ‘thought forms’ of jealousy, which further add to their emotional responses.

Internalised Attachments
Internal attachments, however, are a very different type of issue. Broadly, no attachment can enter into and take up permanent residence within a body without there being some form of tacit consent. It is rather like inviting a friend over to stay in your house for a couple of days and at the end of their visit they return home. However, should one of your children, insist that their new found friend stays on then control issues are raised and the outcome depends on the strength and determination of the parental (the executive ego state) influence. If this weak, for whatever reason, the child's friend is allowed to remain. Effectively then this type of invasion comes from one or other of the sub-personalities that, for whatever reason, feels a need to allow a form of attachment to occur.

In these cases the person then becomes technically 'possessed', although this is not really the right word as often the invading spirit is only interested in having a host body through which to experience and they not to want to take any form of executive control. In the situation cited above as long as they two child parts continue playing together no obvious outer manifestation might occur. If we continue with the house metaphor, a soul that has no home to live in will simply look around for somewhere else to reside. In these cases the intruding spirit keeps its metaphorical head down and causes as little disturbance as possible.

The house metaphor
The way that we use our house, including the people that we invite into it can provide a very good metaphor for how attachments occur. In normal cases friends might enter and leave without any issues or problems being raised. We might liken this to the times when we link to our guides and helpers in the spirit realm, perhaps during meditative states, or even when an individual acts as a channel. After they have gone, at the end of the session, we close the doors and windows and everything returns back to normal. In this sense we probably all, in the normal course of our lives, have many spirits that have come to visit from time to time. They come and go at our invitation and no issues arise.

However, we can develop this concept a stage further. Supposing an individual decides that they do not really like living on the ground floor of their house and retreat to the upper rooms, without really looking to make sure that the doors and windows are sealed. Wandering, passing souls might spot an opportunity and take up residence without any attempt by the host soul to eject them. These types of cases come from the incarnating soul that finds living in the physical body too difficult and thereby vacates part of their property, their body, for others to reside in.

Sometimes, when we are away from our homes, others will break in. These cases do not normally occur in sleep states but when we vacate ourselves through anaesthetics, drugs or alcohol. Part of the soul leaves the body and this is an opportunity for others to jump in. If the normal executive influence is strong then, when we return, the uninvited guest is ejected. If it is weak then these spirits can sometimes take up residence within the property. Depending upon the type of spirit they may or may not cause problems. If they keep generally quiet they may go un-noticed for many a long year. If they cause disturbance the executive aspect of the soul might wish to eject them. In these cases they have to go, unless part of the psyche, one of the sub-personalities or ego states wishes them to stay.

In these cases the foreign part may be forced out for a short while, only to be invited back in again as soon as the 'executive' aspect turns its attention elsewhere. It is these types of case that can be the most difficult to resolve for unless the errant sub-personality agrees to change its ways and not let the attachment back in then the problem continues to manifest. This is why some clients will visit many different spirit release therapists without success because there is part of their psyche that does not want to let go the attachment and unless this is tackled the problem remains.

Foetal attachments
Pregnancy is a time when the mother deliberately allows a new incarnating soul to take up residence within their body. This is a normal process. Issues can arise when the mother decides, for whatever reason, to abort the foetus. The linking process between the incarnating soul and the physical vehicle, the foetus, is very tenuous at this stage. Some sources suggest that the full link to the physical body does not fully occur until birth, whilst others suggest that this happens at conception. Certainly at the early stages of pregnancy the link is not strong and the death and removal of the foetus leaves the mother with an attachment. What then happens is dependent upon many different factors but quite often the soul part of the foetus, will hang around for the next opportunity to incarnate itself. In this way some woman can collect a number of foetal attachments if they choose to use abortion as a means of contraception. If the incarnating soul has come because it has a particular link to the father then it might leave its host and link to the father's soul or take up residence within the father's psyche. Or again it might attach to another sibling.

Dark Force Entities (DFE) and demonic attachments
At the other extreme there are those spirits that do wish to take over and gain executive control of the body that they are trying to posses and these can lead to some very distressing feelings within the host body, where the native spirit has to wrestle to keep control. Very often these cases fall into the malefic or demonic attachment category, the dark force entities (DFE) and these will be dealt with as a separate topic.

Most cases fall between these extremes, which is why individuals can continue to operate happy and fulfilled lives without suspecting that they might have any invasive spirit within them.

Gerod, the guide from Dr Tom Zinser’s book “Soul Centered Healing” describes the situation thus:

“If they take up residence so to speak within someone, they have to let go of their (etheric) body in a way because it is very hard to jam a third body into a physical body. So usually they leave the etheric body and it will dissolve, but they take into the new human body they inhabit all the memory, all the record, all the physical complaints of their (previous) body. And they tend to try to have that new physical body adhere to the memory and impression of what their body was. That is why an earthbound spirit can often create physical ailments for a presently living earth body.”

Releasing Internalised Attachments
This is the hardest and most tricky aspect of spirit release work. In some cases there is an obvious intruder, which can then be tackled in others it might simply emerge from inner journey work. Once discovered the process is quite similar although the techniques of how this is done vary from practitioner to practitioner. Some like to discover as much as they can about the attachment, whilst for others all that matters is to help them into the light.

Steps for the Release of an Entity

  • All such work must be actioned via the link the "Highest Self" (HS), for this part knows what needs to be done.
  • Ask the client to connect to the spirit or entity with their mind. Then suggest to the client that they ask the spirit to connect to its inner light and from there to its HS. Effectively you are asking the attachment to go through the same process that you have used with the client i.e. connecting to their inner light and then linking to the HS and any other guides or helpers.
  • If step 2. has been achieved then the spirit can be asked to move out of the individual and into the light. As soon as this complete healing should be sent via the HS to the client to seal the aura and clear any residues left from the invasive spirit. This is the easiest and most simple case.
  • If the spirit does not want to willing connect to its inner light and leave then steps need to be taken to discover why they have attached and what can then be done to change the internal structure to allow the release. This is the trickiest part of the process and may need many sessions before being completely resolved. We will return to these issues again.
  • Once the spirit has been release general healing and balance can be sent the whole being before bringing the individual back to full conscious reality.

There can be many reasons why 'earthbound' souls take up residence within the psyche of an individual. As long as all elements, within the soul's home want them to leave then they have to go. If one of the residents, one or other of the sub-personalities or ego states, wishes them to stay then process becomes more difficult, for that part will always find ways to invite them back in again or if the issue is unresolved to invite back in another entity. The only way to satisfactorily deal with these types of case is to heal that part needs the attachment. All such work should be conducted through the 'Highest Self' (HS). If we work with the home analogy the (HS) might be considered the Landlord of the property that has full understanding of the processes of the law to evict any intruder. However such a Landlord will not override the main tenancy agreement with the executive part of the psyche or the sub-tenancy agreements with the sub-personalities to allow invited guests to remain. As long as all tenants are in agreement that they want an intruder out then the Landlord can step in to evict them and they have to go.

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