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Releasing Dark and Demonic Entities - Part 2

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Releasing Dark and Demonic Entities - Part 2 by David Furlong

In the first part of this article I looked at the background to a group of beings that proactively worked with dark or malign energies in an attempt to gain control over incarnate souls. Before looking in further detail at their release, something needs to be stated about how individuals might allow themselves to become infected through their free-will choices.

Infected by Shadow Beings
The hallmarks of shadow infestation can be reduced to a few salient elements. The forces of ‘light’ work with love, compassion and forgiveness, they fully honour and will not override our ‘free-will’ gift. whilst the ‘dark’ operates through fear, hatred, revenge and control. When assessing different negative human traits, fear can generally be found at their heart. For example, greed and avarice, are based on the fear of our needs not being met, which might stem from a trauma in a past life or from scarcity in early childhood. Dark beings, wherever possible, will try to heighten fear in order to gain control over people’s thinking. Such individuals can then allow themselves, or part of themselves to be subverted by this malign influence and these dark beings can then begin to assert some level of control.

Another way that individuals become infected is by willingly entering into working with shadow energies. For example, in the 2 nd World War, many Nazi’s were caught up in the occult aspects of Hitler’s regime and allowed themselves to be manipulated into carrying out terrible atrocities against innocent people. At some stage in our soul journey, though different incarnations, we might have been caught up with similar groups and when this occurs a form of tainting or staining occurs to our soul essence, which then becomes a potential source of infection in a future life. When passing back into the spirit world at death, some aspects of the soul, or even the soul itself can become trapped and ‘earthbound’, sometimes even being held in a mental state of hell. Our spirit never incarnates all of itself into any one incarnation (Newton, 200?). The part of the spirit that remains in the spirit world can then incarnate another part of itself in a new body, in an attempt to rescue and redeem that aspect that has been trapped.

Masquerading Guides
Malign entities or dark beings, will often use many different forms of subterfuge to trap the unwary. Souls can be innocently duped into accepting these manipulative controls from these demonic entities. For example, a demonic being might present itself as a wonderful angelic presence coming to help and guide the soul in its journey. Individuals susceptible to this form of manipulation are often very unsure of their own judgement and willingly enter into agreement of support from what they perceive as a higher form of guidance. This is a trap and once ensnared the individual can find it very difficult to extract themselves for the dark entity of endeavour to remain in control by heighten an individual’s fears, so that they are terrified about letting go of this influence. The infected parts (sub-personalities) can sometimes be told that the ‘light’ will punish them for allowing this shadow influence and therefore they are bound to the dark through eternal damnation. As already stated, the ‘light’ offers only love compassion and forgiveness but some world religions have played into this fear by suggesting that souls can be condemned to hell by the God. These trapped parts of the psyche can therefore put up a great deal of resistance to allowing themselves be helped by the ‘light’.

Releasing Demonic Entities
The first stage of release is to help the client begin to access and connect to their ‘Higher-Self’ (H-S). Bearing in mind that any malign being will try to subvert this process the first stage can take some time to fully achieve. I normally start by getting the client into a relaxed semi-trance state and then either get them to enter into an imagined world or to work directly through body sensations or awareness, which might be termed the kinaesthetic approach. For example, with the imagined approach I usually get the client to try to place themselves in a beautiful healing garden or place in nature, requesting the H-S (out loud) to present an ideal inner healing landscape. Once this has been established I suggest to the client to face the Sun, as a symbol of the H-S, and then to ask for an aspect of the H-S to come down a sunbeam of light to work with the client. If this can be achieved, then a good inner connection can be effected which will allow the client to first identify and then process through the different sub-personalities that might have been infected by the shadow beings. Once these have been healed any dark entities have to leave. I always try to help these entities be aware of their own inner light and therefore try to release them as well. If these beings leave willingly of their own accord, then so much the better.

In conjunction with this sessional work, I am very keen for my client’s to work on their own, between sessions, to address particularly those issues that are keeping them stuck and to work to strengthen their own inner core self and their link to the H-S. As mentioned in Part 1, unaccepted emotional traumatic feelings, such as emotions of rage, jealousy and hatred, can often play a part in this process. These split off aspects of the psyche can act as magnets to demonic beings who use them to gain access and control over the psyche. We need to learn to accept, forgive and heal these wounded elements of the self and not reject them. When we can do this, demonic beings can have no control over us.

In a few cases, demonic entities can be released in one session, more often than not the client may need several sessions before they can be fully free and in a few cases, regular therapy over several years may be necessary. It is all a question of degree and how willing the client might be to working to heal and balance their inner world and to release themselves fully from past negative karmas. We live in transitional times, when there is an opportunity to clear all karmic impediments if we so choose, both for ourselves as well as for the family.


Furlong, D. (2016) Illuminating the Shadow, Atlanta Books
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