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Reincarnation by David Furlong

Belief in the transmigration of souls or reincarnation, as it is more commonly known, has ancient origins. It was a central tenet of some early Greek cultures like the Pythagoreans and the followers of Orpheus, which can be dated back to 6 th century BCE. It is a fundamental belief within Hindu and Buddhist religions, which scripturally date back in their earliest references in the 2nd millennium BCE. It has never formed a central part of the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam although some sects such as the Cathars, Alawites and the Druze accepted it as a belief. In the 19th and 20th centuries spiritual teachers like Alan Kardec, the founder of Spiritism, Helena Blavatsky, the founder of Theosophy and Rudolf Steiner the founder of Anthroposophy presented a strong case for its veracity. In more recent times, the most authoritative scientific study was carried out by Professor Ian Stevenson (1917-2007), who studied over 2,500 cases of children that had remembered their recent past life with sufficient detail for Stevenson to come to the view that the most likely explanation for these cases was reincarnation.

Hypnotherapeutic Studies
In recent times hypnotherapeutic studies have thrown up cases, within a therapeutic session, of remembered past lives, which seemed to give insights into current life situations. This has led to its more widespread acceptance within free-thinkers open to the view that consciousness is not tied to, or limited to the physical body. Once the idea that consciousness, or the soul, does not die at death, which is more widely accepted, the view that some related aspect could return to the Earth again in a new body to continue experiencing in the physical world is a tenable idea.

Dr Michael Newton in his book Journey of Souls, describes in some detail the experiences that a soul has between lives and how the soul makes careful and considered choices when choosing s new body. There is a sense that the body is programmed with some of the intended patterns that the soul wishes to experience and that these patterns become activated at different stages of the individual’s life.

Sub-Personalities and Reincarnation
In my own therapeutic practice, whilst in trance state, past life experiences emerge with some frequency as individual clients try to make sense of the issues that are causing them problems. The ‘Higher-Self’ of the person is able to bring forward any stuck and traumatised aspects of the psyche for healing, re-balancing and release. In some cases, the total soul essence is still stuck and ‘earthbound’ whilst in others it is a ‘sub-personality’ or ‘ego-state’ part of the psyche, that is frozen in time holding the memory of a specific trauma, such as an execution. For example, I have found many individuals with throat and neck problems that recall being hanged, garrotted or de-capitated in a past life. It is possible that these memories could have been generated from the kinaesthetic experience in the foetus to birth stage of development where the umbilical cord was around the baby’s neck. Nevertheless, my own memory of being guillotined in the French Revolution is only one of a number of personal experiences that convinces me of the truth of reincarnation.

The process of healing or releasing these damaged parts of the being is very similar, whichever the case. Each part will always have within it a portion of ‘soul’ light and that part needs to be re-awoken first. Once the part is aware of its inner light it can then be helped to connect to the ‘Higher-Self’ or a guide and it can then be assisted to return back fully into the spirit world, where it can be reintegrated into the spirit, rather than remaining ‘earth-bound’.

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Background Reading
The following books are recommended as further information to the above article.

Illuminating the Shadow

Journey of Souls

Destiny of Souls

White Eagle on Reincarnation

David Furlong's classic book Illuminating the Shadow explores dynamic new ways of understanding the world we inhabit both individually as well as collectively. Our shadow , a term first coined by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, contains all the unconscious aspects of our psyches. It holds the potential of all that we might become as well as the hidden patterns that are, so often, the main drivers of our life, by either limiting our self-expression, or propelling us along paths that we would not willingly tread. Dr Michael Newton's book uncovers--for the first time--the mystery of life in the spirit world after death on earth. The resulting narrative acts as a progressive "travel log" of the accounts of twenty-nine people who were placed in a state of superconsciousness. While in deep hypnosis, these subjects movingly describe what has happened to them between their former reincarnations on earth. They reveal graphic details about how it feels to die, who meets us right after death, what the spirit world is really like, where we go and what we do as souls, and why we choose to come back in certain bodies.  A pioneer in uncovering the secrets of life, internationally recognized spiritual hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton takes you once again into the heart of the spirit world. His groundbreaking research was first published in the bestselling Journey of Souls, the definitive study on the afterlife. Now, in Destiny of Souls, the saga continues with 70 case histories of real people who were regressed into their lives between lives. Dr. Newton answers the requests of the thousands of readers of the first book who wanted more details about various aspects of life on the other side. Have you felt drawn to a place for no apparent reason? Do you ever recognize a person without having knowingly met them before? Have you picked up a skill or learning so quickly you wonder how you did it? One answer to these conundrums may be the fact that you have lived before. You have spent lives in various parts of the world, in various bodies, and have amassed knowledge and a variety of skills, much of which live on in the soul and can be brought over into this present life if needed.

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