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Spirit Release - In Places (Part 1)

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Releasing Souls/Spirits Attached to Places by David Furlong

This two part article looks specifically at spirit release in places rather than as attachments to people, which is tackled separately. In this article I first briefly consider the background to this subject before describing the process of helping an ‘earthbound’ soul move into the ‘light’ or perhaps more accurately to where they most appropriately need to be. In the second part I recount some specific cases that highlight the process in action.

In my article on ‘Earthbound Souls’, which explores the reasons why souls become trapped close to the ‘earth-plane’, I am referring to homo-sapiens type spirits. This section relates to similar soul types but also adds, in Part 2, some examples of other types of spirits that can become trapped in places. As stated in the ‘Earthbound Souls’ there are a few common reasons, such as fear or beliefs, which lock the soul of a person to the earth plane after the death of the physical body. In some cases souls wander around and may eventually attach themselves or latch onto a living human being. In others they either become firmly attached to the place that they knew best in their life or to the site where they died or perhaps the grave or tomb in which their body was interred.

The Process of Release
The first step in the release process is identifying and connecting to the trapped soul, which is done at an intuitive or psychic level. When this has be achieved the procedure for helping them move on is generally very straight forward and, in most cases, can be carried out without any real problems or difficulties. Some of the exceptions will be highlighted later as these give further insight into the issues involved.

When dealing with homo-sapiens souls, that is to say the normal souls in you and I, we need first to remember that we all have within us a core knowledge of who we are and where we have come from, which in essence is a spiritual being from the realm of the Divine. The difficulty around the time of transition is that beliefs and power of the ‘ego’ mind can still be very strong especially if intense emotions, such as fear, are present at the moment of death. In ideal situations the individual should prepare themselves for making the transition but in today’s society this often does not happen, which is why souls become stuck. Fortunately, with a little help from the spirit realm, most souls can be awakened to their true nature and so helped on their way.

Releasing ‘earthbound’ souls in straight forward cases can be tackled on one’s own, however sometimes unexpected complications can mean that having back-up support is both helpful and advisable. We should not forget that if it comes to a true head to head tussle, at a psychic level, then the stronger will always come out on top and that may not be you. Those that have suffered a ‘psychic’ mauling know how discomforting this can be.

The Step by Step Process
Assuming I feel that there are no complications that need first to be tackled, the procedure that I use is thus:

  • The first step is to connect to my own ‘Soul’ consciousness and then link to my ‘Higher-Self’.
  • I then ask for help and protection from my spiritual guides and assistants.
  • I next put up a strong protection around myself and, if working with another, I might ask them to additionally put a protection around me. If working with a group, as well as spending a little time integrating and balancing the group’s energies before working, I will generally split them into two, having some members focus just on the protection, whilst the others focus on the issue in hand. Protection is very important and should not be overlooked.
  • I/we then connect to the Soul or Souls that needs help. In practice one can send out a strong command into the space for any Soul(s) or trapped Spirit(s) that are present to come and ‘stand’ in the centre of the room where we are working.
  • I will then enter into telepathic communication with that Soul or Souls to understand why they are trapped and what is going on for them at this moment in time. The information that comes back is very revealing and helps me understand the best approach to helping in this particular case. At the same time I connect to the Soul’s ‘Higher- Self’ by linking through my ‘Higher-Self’ and asking for their guides and helpers to make their presence felt.
  • The next step is to help the ‘Soul’ become aware of it true nature and also to connect to its guides and loved ones. And at this stage I also send healing to the situation that has caused it to be trapped. Often such Souls need assurance that everything is going to be fine for them.
  • I will then, using my imagination, bring down a column of light around the Soul and gently lift them upwards asking my own guides and helpers accompany them on their journey. Some people describe this as opening a ‘Portal’ to the spirit realm. I sometimes jokingly say that I bring down the celestial lift-shaft, put them in the lift and then press the button to the next floor.
  • Once the Soul has departed, the space where they have been needs to be cleared and cleansed and the subtle energies re-set. This step is most important and should not be overlooked. If you clear something out, you must put a new subtle energy back in its place. I will often bring in an imaginary white rose and fill the area with its scent as a way of establishing a new vibration in the space.
  • The final stage is closing down, giving thanks for the help received from on high, and making sure that one’s own energies are properly balanced. When working within a group we can then de-brief on what we all experienced.

Once the soul has made a full transition we need not worry ourselves about what then happens to it. There are many spirits within the spirit realm whose specific task is to administer to souls that have just passed over, so they will be well looked after. They will also be with their own guides, helpers and other ‘Soul Group’ members. Our task is simply to help them make the transition because their ‘ego’ minds have blocked them from being aware of their true nature. Being on the earth-plane allows us to make that bridge.

All of these steps can be carried out by being present at the place where the haunting has occurred or by working from a distance. For practical reasons, most of the group work that I participate in is distance based. It should be appreciated that time and space need be no barrier to successfully dealing with any type of situation and we have successfully helped souls move on in different parts of the world.

In the next part of this article I will explore some specific cases that highlight these processes in action.

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David Furlong's classic book provides a detailed account of how spiritual energies operate through the natural world and includes a section on 'earthbound' spirits, why they get stuck and the steps that can be taken for their release. It provides an excellent back drop to an understanding of role of wide range of different types of spirits on this planet. Linda Williamson is an experienced medium with a deep understanding of the trauma that souls can sometimes go through when they die, and the consequent reasons that cause them to become trapped on the Earth's plane rather than progressing to the world of spirit. She gives information on the mediumistic approach to spirit release. Sue Allen's book is a clearly set-out account of spirit release work, using hypnosis. There are many fascinating case studies, with verbatim accounts of the therapeutic interaction. It contains many tips and practical suggestions. The book is written for the general public. It should also be read by every spirit release therapist. In this fascinating collection of true ghost stories, clairvoyant Anson Gogh, shares her most interesting, difficult, and unusual cases. Helping an escaped slave reunite with his family, finding justice for a young girl murdered in 1896,its all in a days work. The book also includes advice that readers (whether psychic or not) can use to help lost spirits cross over to the other side.

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