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Spirit Release - Why Souls Become 'Earthbound'

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Why Souls Get Stuck and Become Earthbound by David Furlong

Whilst there can be many reasons why Souls fail to make a proper transition into the spirit world they generally fall into a number basic categories.

Over the years there have been many souls that I have released that have been terrified of going to hell! This makes one realise that religious beliefs can cause individuals considerable suffering simply by planting the fear of damnation into their minds. The mind, at the moment of death, leaves a powerful imprint in the consciousness of the Soul. Such Souls need to be re-assured that these realms are illusory. They will generally willingly pass over fully into the spirit world if a proper link is made to their loves ones or guides and helpers. Once they become aware of these presences the fear goes and they can then make their full transition.

Into this category comes a number of different situations. The first of which is 'No belief in an afterlife'. On occasions I have had to re-awaken Souls that were literally lying comatose in the place where they died fully believing in the extinction of consciousness. And that was what they had become - unconscious. Re-awakening them was a pleasant surprise and they could then be helped into the next world.

Another group is those Souls that do not realise they are dead but go on acting out the drama of their lives. They are often aware of the presence of living people and may try to make contact with them in some form or another; although a level of confusion often exists on why someone else is in their home. One of the early cases I dealt with involved the Soul of a man, who was really upset that the present occupants were carrying out building works in 'his' home and did everything in his power to stop them. They were experiencing all sorts of delays and problems with the work in hand. After the individual was made aware that he was in fact dead and his wife, who was in spirit, contacted to come and help him he left quite happily with her. The building work then proceeded without further problems.

It is worth mentioning that that those that die in hospital, whilst under heavy sedation, or those that pass-over who are suffering some form of psychosis, will often become stuck. In these cases the incarnate spirits are only loosely linked into their bodies and they are just not aware that they have died. I have been called in, on a number of occasions, to clean up homes converted from old mental hospitals, which were awash with Souls wandering around all over the place.

Edinburgh MausoleumAnother strange set of beliefs came to my attention when visiting Edinburgh for the first time and happened to walk through one of the graveyard areas. I was very aware of many Souls still hovering around their mausoleums. When I spoke to them telepathically they told me that they were waiting for the "Resurrection of their bodies at the day of Judgement". This was the first time that I perceived that some individuals had taken this statement literally. The matter was made worse because at the time of their demise, body snatchers were secretly digging up bodies and taking them into the university for medical experimentation. The mortal fear of this was such that these Souls were clutching onto their bodies, in some cases, with grim determination. Helping these situations has been a process that has now gone on for some time. Release some Souls and others will eventually follow. Clearly the literal Calvinistic interpretation must have chained large numbers of Souls in Scotland and elsewhere.

Perhaps the last group that comes under the broad heading of 'Beliefs' are those spirits that feel so angry about their demise that they are hell bent on revenge at whatever level. Frequently when sending healing into Middle East situations this dynamic figures very highly particularly in what is happening in Israel and Palestine. The sad fact is that every individual unjustly killed only adds to the pool of mental angst that further fuels thoughts of revenge and hatred. It is a challenge helping 'earthbound' spirits caught up in these mindsets to move into a better space to make a full transition into the spirit world.

One of the big changes within today's society is that death can sometimes come almost instantly through vehicle accidents. In times past there was often a chance for an individual to prepare for their passing, either through knowing that this might happen in battle or when contracting an illness and then having time to process the transition period. Heart attacks are slightly different in that the unconscious mind will always know that this is going to occur and, in these cases, some form of unconscious preparation takes place. This is why individuals who have heart attacks will sometimes experience a 'near death experience' or NDE.

The car accident though is something different for in these cases almost no chance is given to the spirit to prepare before they are catapulted out of their bodies often in a state of complete confusion. This is made even worse when the body is blown apart through explosions and those suicide bombers who reek such vengeance cause immense suffering to the Souls of those that they kill and in turn heap considerable karma upon themselves.

Ritual slaying
Into this category comes both capital punishment as well as ritual slaying. Interestingly enough I have had to deal with a number of cases in the UK, of such rituals dating back to Celtic times, when individuals were both ritually killed then bound through a form of negative curse to the place where they were executed. Something similar to this approach was adopted in the Middle Ages when witches were hanged at cross-roads, or in some cases buried alive or entombed. Such spirits are almost always in a state of complete torment and need considerable healing before their final release.

Murder and Suicides
Both murders and suicides can cause spirits to become trapped close to the 'earth' plane. In the former case it is often anger that ties the spirit to where they were killed and in the latter the realisation that despite taking their own lives they are still conscious and aware but without any sense of how to get out of their situation. Such spirits can attach themselves to individuals who are passing or will sometimes seek out old friends.

The final grouping relates to those individuals who have strong physical addictions, generally to drugs or alcohol. In such cases at the death of the physical body, experience of the narcotic is so powerful that these Souls seek out those who are similarly addicted, in order to have a form of vicarious experience through a fellow sufferer. This is why addicts need a lot of help on many levels to assist them breaking their habit. Freeing any attachments is an important part of the healing process.


Background Reading
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David Furlong's classic book provides a detailed account of how spiritual energies operate through the natural world and includes a section on 'earthbound' spirits, why they get stuck and the steps that can be taken for their release. It provides an excellent back drop to an understanding of role of wide range of different types of spirits on this planet. Linda Williamson is an experienced medium with a deep understanding of the trauma that souls can sometimes go through when they die, and the consequent reasons that cause them to become trapped on the Earth's plane rather than progressing to the world of spirit. She gives information on the mediumistic approach to spirit release. Sue Allen's book is a clearly set-out account of spirit release work, using hypnosis. There are many fascinating case studies, with verbatim accounts of the therapeutic interaction. It contains many tips and practical suggestions. The book is written for the general public. It should also be read by every spirit release therapist. In this fascinating collection of true ghost stories, clairvoyant Anson Gogh, shares her most interesting, difficult, and unusual cases. Helping an escaped slave reunite with his family, finding justice for a young girl murdered in 1896,its all in a days work. The book also includes advice that readers (whether psychic or not) can use to help lost spirits cross over to the other side.

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