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Spirit Release - Within People

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Releasing Souls/Spirits Attached to People by Dr Mark Sterry-Blunt

Spirit Release can be done in many ways but all of these fall into two categories: Face to face; and Remote work. Face to face is obvious and remote means that the practitioner and the host are separated, geographically; often on the other side of the world to each other. Practitioners use their own methods and many use mediums or groups. My methods are as follows:

If the host can come in to my practice, we have a chat and I explain what will happen and then we begin. I use hypnosis to calm the host’s conscious and paranoidal mind, opening up their subconscious and higher levels. With the conscious mind taking a back seat, any presence will not be suppressed and will eventually speak to me, after my prompting.

Discarnate Entities
With discarnate human entities, it is important to gently take them back to the last few minutes they remember when they last had a body of their own. Usually, they need talking through the death a few times before they realise they are dead. It is as much a shock to them as it would be to you and they must be brought to this understanding gently. They then realise they have made a mistake. I always check if they have any attachments; if their death was a suicide, I have not had one exception that did not have a Demonic attachment with them.

We talk about the effects the attachment has been having on the host and their life. Usually motivations, desires and memories of illnesses or injuries of the attachment’s last life enter the mind of the host, who can start behaving differently as these thoughts show through. The aim is to reach the point where the attachment realises they should not be there and, if prompted, will readily apologise to the host who can accept that apology.

Healing the Attachment
Before the attachment leaves, I ask it to look and tell me if there are any others inside there apart from the host and them. The answer is helpful and is confirmation of any looking and checking I did before we started. I also, importantly, ask what happened in the host’s life to make it possible for them to attach. This will show something that needs repairing or resolving, afterwards.

The attachment is now ready for release and upon finding the Light, can move into it. The host feels the attachment depart as if something has lifted from them, leaving them feeling lighter. This process is carried out for as many others as there are.

Demonic Attachments
If there is a Demonic attachment, the process is the same but the level of cooperation is quite different, usually being substituted by aggressive obstruction. Eventually, through negotiation, the Dark one comes to realise that it will be OK for it to go to the Light.

After working this way, the host will remember everything that was said and everything they felt.

Distant Spirit Release
Now, if the host cannot come to me because the distance is too great, for instance if they live in another country, then the work has to be done remotely. It is a completely different process. I need a photo of the host, clearly showing their eyes. Before starting any work, I have to find out if there is a need for any work, and if there is, how much.

I look at the photo and take myself into a trance and go do a different level, a much higher Universal level, where I can ask questions. I receive “Yes/no” answers. Getting a lot of information can take some time but I find out how many attachments and, if any are Demonic, how many replacements each has. I can find out what age the host was when they were attached to and some information about the situation which led to the attachment being possible. I make it clear to the host that I cannot look and then not do the work; because of the way I do it, if I find anything, it becomes my Karma to deal with it – there is no other way.

Then I get down to work. This is a seven day process and can take anywhere between ten minutes and an hour each session, depending on how many entities I find. During the seven days, changes often occur in the entities I deal with. Some become more cooperative and some become more aggressive. During the seven days, the host may notice nothing or they may notice some interference caused by a Dark one which does not want to go. After the last session, the work is complete.

Whichever method is used, we must remember that there had to be some severe disruption to normal functioning within the host to allow the attachment. This is usually a problem which needs dealing with, on its own, for the host to be completely healed. A lot of practitioners are happy just to release but this “aftercare” must be there when it is needed. If this problem is not resolved, the host will be walking around as an open invitation for the same thing to happen again and would probably lose all faith in what has just been done.

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Background Reading
The following books are recommended as further information to the above article.

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The Unquiet Dead

Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits

Bill Baldwins classic book gives many insights into the nature of spirit attachment and the methods for their release. On finishing the Manual, one has at one's fingertips up-to-date knowledge of how actually to use the procedures that are described. The therapist is also given explanations of why they work. Sue Allen's book is a clearly set-out account of spirit release work, using hypnosis. There are many fascinating case studies, with verbatim accounts of the therapeutic interaction. It contains many tips and practical suggestions. The book is written for the general public. It should also be read by every spirit release therapist. Edith Fiore's fascinating book has stood the test of time. It is covers information about lost, confused souls trapped on the physical plane. Instruction on releasing attached entities results in soul rescue and is a much needed work, both for the host and the trapped soul. It has helped many re-evaluate the impact of the spirit world upon us. Linda Williamson is an experienced medium with a deep understanding of the trauma that souls can sometimes go through when they die, and the consequent reasons that cause them to become trapped on the Earth's plane rather than progressing to the world of spirit. She gives information on the mediumistic approach to spirit release.

The following links to other websites may be of interest:

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