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Spirit Release - Psychic Attack and Forgiveness

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Psychic Attack and the Power of Forgiveness by David Furlong

Case Study

David's Comment
Many people contact me with problems of "psychic attack". Ultimately I have found the most effective method to be that of encouraging the client to approach this from the perspective of both strengthening their own "protective energy fields" (see article on psychic protection) and then following a ritual of forgiveness towards the person who is felt responsible for the problem. The following case relayed by Gill East describes symptoms of psychic attack and methods for clearing this using a ceremony of forgiveness .

Gill East
After attending Past Life regression workshops, Jacque Ticehurst and I felt we experienced a powerful psychic attack, which we believed was coming from one of the course attendees.

During the sessions this particular person started to act quite strangely towards us although we had been on a previous course with them and there had not been a problem. Within two days of leaving the course we were both became inwardly disturbed, feeling very unbalanced, confused and unable to focus on anything, this was happening two or three times daily at specific times. It was as though we were under constant mental attack.

We were trying to clear this with methods that we had been taught on the SRF and other courses and, even had one of the SRF tutors take it off of us, but it had returned again shortly after. We just could not work out why this was happening we knew this person was working with a few strange people using other world energy and thought it might be that. But nothing worked so we then asked David Furlong for help.

David suggested that it might be have been triggered from a past life, and possibly a ceremony of forgiveness would help. So we set about trying this.

We arranged a time cleared the room lit candles and arranged three chairs in a circle, after making sure we had strong protection we invited the energy of David to join us at an intuitive level. We joined hands and, also joined with David's hands as well, and started a ring of energy around us.

We then invited the higher self (soul) of the person to come forward, where we asked to be forgiven for any injustice that we had done to them in any previous life and forgave the person also for anything they might have done to us. This was done individually, then we each gave the individual gifts, I gave a bouquet of roses, Jacque gave her contentment and health, and we asked David to offer her knowledge and understanding.

At this point we offered this up to her and blessed the ceremony and dedicated the candles and closed down.

I spoke out the words "It is done ", I don't know why, but I felt that this was finished.

Jacque went downstairs to make a drink and whilst I was sitting in the room The smell of roses filled the room, when Jacque returned I asked if she had lit any incense sticks and she had not, but she also smelt the amazing fragrance that filled the room.

We knew that these had been given back to us.

Since that day we have been fine no more disturbances, so it was about forgiveness, and if David had not have suggested this we would have still been having problems all over the Christmas period.

We realise there is so much to learn, and it is difficult for us when so many people are telling us different things

Thank you again


David's Comment
Since that time there has been no more problems. It shows the power of such rituals in clearing and resolving psychic attack problems, which often have their origins in past life situations.


About the Author
David Furlong David Furlong has been practising as a therapist for more than forty years. Trained originally as a healer, he was also one of the founding members of the College of Healing, he has gone on to study many aspects of the therapeutic field with a particular interest in the causes of imbalances between the Soul and the body and its impact on a variety of psychological conditions. He is the author of five books, including The Healer Within, Working with Earth Energies and Healing Your Family Patterns. He is one of the tutors of the Spirit Release Forum courses.

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