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Spirit Release - The Spirit of Fear

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The Spirit of Fear
by Terry Palmer

Abstract Medical science, psychology and zoology see fear as a defence mechanism in response to a threat of imminent danger. To the practitioners of Spirit Release Therapy (SRT) fear is seen as an emotion that emits an energy frequency that attracts negative spiritual entities who feed on fear as their source of power and control. This very idea breaks the boundaries of scientific thinking and prompts the secular mind to label the idea as preposterous and its proponent as either a religious lunatic or worse mentally ill. However, these boundaries in secular thinking need to be dismantled with the aid of hard evidence coupled with a determined effort to synthesis at least three epistemological foundations, namely physics, psychology and religion. This presentation seeks to introduce the concept of fear from the religious perspective as a form of energy that feeds ill health and provides the power that can destroy human love and humans as creative beings.

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About the Author
Terry Palmer Terry Palmer is an independent therapist with a batchelor's degree in psychology from Christchurch University at Canterbury, a master's degree in the study of mysticial experience from the University of Kent, a doctorate in spiritual philosophy from Bedworth University and a professional qualification in therapeutic hypnosis from the Proudfoot School of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. He is engaged in research for my doctorate (PhD) in the psychology of religion at the University of Wales, Bangor

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