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Visions of Hope

The following is a transcript from part of the film Visions of Hope, of an interview between Dr Elizabeth Kübler-Ross and Tony Adam, which was recorded in 1987.

(Note: this is included because the sound quality from the film is not very clear).

Tony Adams
“Psychiatrist Elizabeth Kübler -Ross, internationally known for her pioneering work on death and dying, has heard the firsthand accounts of many of her patients and has herself had a ‘Near Death Experience’.”

Elizabeth Kübler-Ross
“Well I have collected Near Death Experiences for many, many years, long before Moody’s book (Life after Life) came out and long before it was published with familiar words like ‘Near Death Experience’. It was beautiful and I knew that this was a reality. But for me there is a big difference between believing twenty thousand cases that you can repeat anywhere if you really want to and between actually having the experience yourself and knowing. And I say jokingly that my experience was more beautiful than the twenty thousand cases I collected.

Once you have been in this light and seen this light and experienced this light at the end of the tunnel, symbolically speaking, it is such peace and such love that when you come back it changes all of your values. It changes the quality of your life and they can hang you by your toe nails and you still know that death is not the end but a transformation into a different form of life.”

Tony Adams
“You have an orthodox scientific background despite what happened to you since. How do you reconcile the scientific aspect of you with something like the ‘Near Death Experience’?”

Elizabeth Kübler-Ross
“It is no conflict at all because I am very sceptical; a square straight Swiss. And all the experiences I had that I could not comprehend or put into a scientific package I had to verify. What I did, very simple, was to try to verify every aspect of it; like we are whole again when we leave our physical body. How can we be whole? My Vietnam veterans have had three extremities amputated. How can they have all of their extremities? Why is this not a projection of wishful thinking? See I am also a psychiatrist. So I always have a psychiatric excuse or explanation for it.

To verify, I took blind people; blind people with very critical criteria. They had to be blind for ten years or more, without light perception, so really scientific. It was very difficult to find cases but I found a few cases of totally blind people who had had a ‘Near Death Experience’. When I asked them what they saw at the moment of this ‘Near Death Experience’, they were able to tell me, (for example), that you were wearing a blue and black jacket and a red shirt or a white blouse, and what kind of fames of glasses you are wearing. Blind people cannot do that; I know this is not possible. My scientific colleagues say this is oxygen deprivation and you know what I say to that.

Every step of the experience you can verify if you are open and want to. See my belief is that I am not here to convince other people. I share what I know and how I verified it to my satisfaction. And those that can hear will hear and those that do not hear will just be pleasantly surprised when they make their own transition.”

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Background Reading
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Life After Life

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Near Death Experiences

Raymond Moody's classic book is still a must for those interested in this intriguing field of ground breaking research. Clearly written with enough science to be credible yet not full of jargon to bog down the general reader this is a fascinating read about the near death experience.

In this book Elisabeth Kubler-Ross relates the lessons she learned at the bedsides of hundreds of dying people. She makes it clear that none of us -- even if we die in the midst of the desert -- dies alone going on to show how we are greeted by loved ones who preceded us in death. It is a message of real hope.

Written by a doctor who, at first, did not believe the stories he heard from the children in his care, he eventually he realised that the similarities were too coincidental to be untrue. This book challenges the sceptic’s views of the extinction of consciousness, showing there really is a peaceful paradise awaiting all of us!

The full title of the book is The Big Book of Near Death Experiences: The Complete Sourcebook, and at nearly 460 pages it covers the subject in considerable depth, including a section on how NDE’s affect the structure, chemistry and function of the brain. Well worth a read.

The following links to other websites may be of interest:

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