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Spirit Attachment as a Consequence of Soul Retreat
by Dr Helen Ford

This article looks at the way the soul creates situations because of life's traumas that allows for spirit attachments.

Whenever our own inner being flows freely outwards into life the space around us becomes filled with light and pure love. This clear and open radiation of soul’s truth makes it impossible for a disembodied spirit to attach itself. What it does offer such spirits is inspiration. It shows them what they need to do for themselves to free themselves from their own dark thoughts and memories of fear.

If we retreat our own soul, or parts of it, this creates an entry point within our aura for a disembodied spirit to attach itself. Such spirits seek out places that feel familiar or places that feel safe. Then they just sit in that space as long as that aspect of the soul stays in retreat.

We learn to retreat aspects of our own soul’s truth as a consequence of childhood experiences. We may do it to avoid trauma, we may do it to obtain love and security. A child who is flowing love, light and pure joy in being may attract jealous attack, or, since it will be naturally beautiful, it may attract unwanted sexual attention. A child who wants to explore its world may frighten its mother, a child who is curious and asks constant questions may embarrass or annoy her, a child who is ‘different’ in any way from ‘the norm’ (e.g. able to see beings in the spirit world!) may fill her with fear for that child and may cause her to project her belief that it will never fit in, never belong (and maybe by implication never even survive in this world!) unless it learns to suppress anything that is different from the current cultural norm. So the child learns to shut down aspects of itself in response to certain environmental triggers.

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About the Author
Dr Helen Ford Dr Helen Ford initially trained and worked in conventional medicine. However, she gradually realised that physical illness is not simply a consequence of physical causes. So she began to look into the evidence for other possible reasons for people to become ill. She now practises as a holistic physician treating mind, body and spirit as an interactive whole. She has come to understand that illness arises in the body or mind as a result of some kind of separation from the soul's truth and works to restore this inner connection to effect healing on all levels.

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